It was a pleasure speaking with the talented, JeTawn, Head couturier owner of JeFrancine Designs!

It was a pleasure speaking with the talented, JeTawn, Head couturier owner of JeFrancine Designs! 

How was your childhood?

Probably one of the hardest questions here to answer! I’m fighting this internal battle of letting go pain I experienced as a child. You know, the “forgiveness is for you” things we all have to go through. So, I’ll make it short. Mom and dad were WILD honey, crazy wild; so I was raised by family. Bounced around a little before settling in to my mom’s mom house around 8 years. Granny and my second oldest brother raised me, let me just say I’m almost done forgiving them. I was in every activity I didn’t receive not even a mustard seed of support. Instead granny would say “you’re doing everything in your power not to come home after school.” But you see I was great at everything I did! At least for me anyway. So as soon as the Navy recruiters came, I signed up. September 18, 2000. I officially left July 5, 2001.

What has molded you into the person you are today?

L    I    F   E… I have literally gone through everything you can think of, but from my experiences; I can truly say, I AM GRATEFUL!

How did you get into designing? Who’s your audience?

It was just something in me. Always. I remember asking dear granny how to sew… Eh! She said “I’m going to teach you how to thread the needle and that’s it” So everything I have is at the most purest form MINE! I have just always had a love for being innovative more than anything.

The JéFRANCINE woman lives beyond boundaries. She explores herself intuitively from only the view point of her own opinion and isn’t afraid to express herself in ways most would condemn. She is vibrantly alluring and electrifying mysterious. She isn’t afraid to be the sensual goddess she has been forever. Through her means of expression, she is praised and invokes the same subconscious emotions in others.

What do you have planned for your future, as far fashion designing and just in general?

Aaaaaahhhh PLANS! I just wanna blow up! Seriously, I do have a few projects I’m working on. All I can say is “stay tuned” cliche, I know.

Are you in school, did you attend school, or we’re you self taught?

I attended the award winning HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE and was taught by probably the best teachers I’ve ever known. They were truly amazing. In addition to what I learned there, I’m developing my own technique to create and leave my own legacy such as CoCo and Madame Grés. Who knows there may even be a school one day!

To stay tuned, be sure to follow her on IG @JeFrancinedesigns