We had the pleasure of speaking with Alex.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Alex. She is a definitely a force in the media world. Alex ultimate goal is to have her own sports and entertainment show on a major network. See how Alex paved her way in the multimedia industry. 

Growing up, how was your childhood?

I grew up in Schertz, TX. I have an older sister, older brother, and a younger sister. My mom was a teacher and my dad wasn’t home very often because he was a truck driver. At the age of seven, I started playing softball and fell in love. Softball took up all seven days of my week until I graduated high school, at the age of 18. Growing up with sports in my life allowed me to bond with my parents since my mom always drove me around and my dad always played catch with me. My whole family made sacrifices with money and time for me to play the sport that I love. When I told my parents that I didn’t want to play softball in college, I felt like I broke their heart, but I believe that everything happened the way it was meant to happen.

How did you get into the media world? What is the best thing about it?

When I first started my college endeavors at Texas A&M University I wanted to be an engineer and after one semester I quickly changed my mind. I then thought about doing architecture, business, or kinesiology. My head was all over the place and I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to major in. The summer before my sophomore year I was sitting on the couch with my friend watching ESPN and as usual I always had my opinions about what was going on and that’s when my friend asked why I had never thought about a career in broadcasting. Immediately, I knew that I was meant to pursue a career in media. Soon after changing my major I applied for ESPNU CAMPUS CONNECTION and became one of the twelve students chosen to work as ESPNU correspondents. At the end of my sophomore year I got hired at 12th Man Productions, which is where I really got emerged in the media world.

The best thing about working in media is being able to form close connections with other people. I love making people laugh so if I can facilitate an interview where the interviewee is smiling and laid back, then I accomplished my goal.

You’re a college graduate, how important was it for you to graduate from college?

My dad never went to college so he stressed how important it was for all of his kids to graduate with a degree, so graduating college has always been a priority to me. College provided me with some of my best friends and it also helped me form connections in the media that have helped me get to where I am today.

You’ve been featured in a few places. Elaborate on where you’ve been featured and how do you feel about these accomplishments?

I’ve been featured on 12thMan.com, the ESPNU YouTube page, and I also host my current podcast show called Unnecessary Commentary. I produced numerous sports features for Aggie Athletics and every week I film/record a podcast with various guests. It’s always a good feeling when I see that my work has been featured somewhere because it shows me that all of the time and effort that I have put in is leading me in the right direction.

What are you doing, what do you have planned in the media world and for your future in general?

I am currently working at KBTX-News 3 in Bryan, TX as a multimedia journalist. I spend my spare time working on my podcast, my YouTube channel, and my blog for Unnecessary Commentary. I started Unnecessary Commentary because I wanted to be able to talk about sports and entertainment in my own style; creating my own show has allowed me to have more freedom of opinion on topics that I’m most interested in. My ultimate goal is to have my own sports and entertainment show on a major network and I believe that someday I will. Sometimes people tell me that everything is happening so fast for me, but it’s all about how hard you’re willing to work for what you want. So many people are afraid to take that first step in doing what they’re passionate about because of failure and what other people might say, but I say do it anyways! In life, we are all going to fail, but it’s the people who are brave enough to triumph over those failures and face their fears who are going to fulfill their purpose.

To learn more about Alex, contact her on IG @alexgarcia3 !