We spoke with Donielle also known as Pace Poetry, who is an amazing poet and writer.

We spoke with Donielle also known as Pace Poetry, who is an amazing poet and writer. She has a book called Awakening the Pace of Love. Donielle is truly a wonderful woman. Check out her story!

How was your childhood? Were there any particular events that helped define who you are today?

My childhood would seem normal to the outside eye because I lived with both of my parents, but there was still dysfunction within our household that shaped me into who I am today. It took a long time for me to realize that my upbringing caused me to make a lot of the choices and mistakes I made in my life span. Not to take away from my parents because they did what they felt was best and parents can only teach us what they know or think is best. I wasn’t physically or sexually abused as a child, but I did suffer from emotional neglect, if that makes sense. My family and I didn’t really share our feelings with each other nor show any affection with one another. However, writing became my outlet and escapism to release the feelings I suppressed inside. 

You are a wonderful poet and writer. What inspires your writing?

Thank you so much! Everything that I write stems from either personal experiences or certain social and political issues that hold deep places in my heart. My inspiration for my writing mainly comes from the things that I’ve been through. I’m very transparent in my writing. I feel that my transparency is what builds the connection between me and my readers, and they expect me to be brutally honest and real, which is the only way I know how to be. No one ever has to ask anyone about me because I leave all of myself on the pages. 

You wrote your first book, Awakening the Pace of Love, how exciting! How was that experience for you?

‪It’s still hard to believe that I have a book out. Every time I log onto Amazon or Barnes & Noble, type my book’s name in, and see it pull up, I get a feeling that is indescribable. The process was long and tiring especially since I’m a full-time teacher and was a full-time graduate student as well at the time that I was writing the book. However, to see the finished product is the best feeling and made all those days and nights at Starbucks so worth it. 

What is one lesson that we can learn from your book?

The main lesson I want everyone to learn from my book is self-love. As cliché as it may sound, knowing how to love yourself will save you from many unnecessary heartbreaks. But we must accept God’s love for us in order for us to truly love ourselves. We may all say that we know God loves us, but if we really did then we wouldn’t allow ourselves to go through a lot of the unnecessary situations that we get ourselves into. That’s the reason I named my book Awakening the Pace of Love. Once I accepted the genuine, agape love God had for me, it made me see myself in the same light he saw me, and I was done with accepting anything that wasn’t even close to his love—and eventually my own love for myself. 

What do you have planned for the future?

My main plan for my future is to continue writing and sharing stories with people that will help, encourage, inspire, and save them. There is no better feeling than hearing someone tell me that my poem or book helped or inspired them. I’ve even had some people come up to me in tears because my truth was their truth. These little things reassure me that I am fulfilling my God-given purpose. More books are definitely in the works. I want to begin traveling more outside of Texas to perform poetry. Performing my poetry is just as important to me as writing it. I have other plans as well, but for the most part I plan to continue pursuing God’s plan for my life, and I pray that one day I’m known as an inspirational and respected literary figure like all of the other great writers and poets. 

To learn more about Donielle, contact her on Instagram @pacepoetry.