We had the pleasure of speaking with the beautiful Arijee.


We had the pleasure of speaking with the beautiful Arijee. She is a makeup artist based in Houston, TX. Arijee also shared with us some truths that all women go through. She is definitely making a statement in the beauty industry and this only the beginning. So check out her story!

How was your childhood do you have any memories that stick out? 

My childhood was nothing different from an average childhood. I went to school and was apart of after school activities like every other little girl. The only difference between my childhood and other people’s childhoods was that I grew up with my mom as the only parent in my life. When I was about 5 years old, my dad was incarcerated. At that age, of course, I didn’t know it would affect me the way that it did. At the time of his sentence I was living in Louisiana, soon after my mom moved us to Texas for a better life. Most of my childhood friends had both parents in their lives so it was definitely easy for them to attend daddy daughter dances and schedule simple days out with their dads. I remember driving to Angola prison to make visits to see my father and they weren’t the best visits. I don’t remember him that much and I can count on my hand the number of times I remember seeing my father and even touching him. I often felt alone growing up because I didn’t have my father in my life. I always wanted to run to my father for things that I couldn’t. I believe young girls need their fathers in their lives and unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with both parents but I was blessed with a strong mother who played both roles and raised me to be the woman I am today. As I look back on my life, I honestly believe that God put me in this situation to help me grow as a young woman.

Did you have any insecurities growing up and if so how did you overcome them?

The biggest insecurity I’ve overcome is not feeling confident about myself. As a young teenager I never felt that I was as pretty as other girls and I didn’t feel that I was the smartest either. I knew I was a pretty girl but I wasn’t confident in my skin. I’ve always had friends who were on the honor roll and in high school, many of my friends got accepted into great colleges and that made me feel insecure. There’s nothing greater than possessing confidence and truly believing it. No one can wear your confidence for you so I had to learn to love myself and wear my confidence. Looking back on my life that was one of the best things I could do because now I live my life feeling great about myself and today I am confident that I can tackle any obstacle. 

How did you get started with makeup and hair? 

My older cousins had tons of makeup and that was one of the main reasons I wanted to start doing makeup, I remember playing in their makeup every time I went to their houses and wanting to have some of my own makeup. My makeup passion began while I was in high school by doing makeup for family members and friends. By the time I was 19 years of age I decided to make it a career. I landed my first makeup job and interned at Lamik Beauty in Houston, Texas, where I learned the business of the Beauty Industry and learned how to apply makeup the correct way. After my time with Lamik, I knew my journey was not over—so I started my own company called Arijee Makeup. My makeup name “Arijee” derives from the muslim name Arij which means “fragrance" which is also my little sister’s middle name. I’ve always had a great relationship with my little sister, she was always so supportive of my dream I wanted to name my business after her. She was my Guinea pig for makeup. The beauty of makeup and how it affects women all around the world also influenced me.

Where do you plan to take your makeup talent?

My short-term goals are obtaining my makeup certification, esthetician license and becoming an international makeup sensation. In the near future, I see myself owning a beauty bar while selling products like luxurious lip-gloss and mink eyelashes that I plan to create. I also aspire to work with pageant girls and host seminars to show women that confidence is key. I have a passion for public speaking so I know that is something I look forward to in the future. The sky is definitely the limit for me so I know my future is going to take off in the beauty industry and this is only the beginning. 

If you had to choose between a freelance artist and personal makeup artist, which would you choose and why? 

That is an extremely hard choice. I love being a freelance artist because I get to connect with so many different women and I get to work with different skin tones. As a freelance artist, many opportunities present themselves and those opportunities make my passion that much deeper. On the other hand, being able to be a personal makeup artist for someone who has shows, tours, and appearances would be a great experience. I love working with repeat clients and I love doing events, so I would choose to be a personal makeup artist. I’ve done some traveling for makeup clients and it was pretty fun so I know that would make a great fit for me. 

To find out more about Arijee, contact her on IG @makeupguru_arijee