We spoke with Nel who is a visual artist and a designer.

We spoke with Nel who is a visual artist and a designer. She has a brand called AMATI. She is in the works of expanding her brand to the next level! She is here to make a statement in the fashion world.  Nel is someone you definitely want to keep up with because we see big things for her in the future!

How was your childhood? Were there any particular events that helped define who you are today?

Growing up I lived in a Utopia. Everything was well as far as family. I received everything I wanted. And, I was loved. I was exposed to a lot, which opened my mind to a variety of things such as art, fashion, wildlife, different cultures, politics, and history.

Did you face any obstacles or insecurities in your childhood? If so, how did you overcome them?

Certainly, I had to overcome being so trusting of people. Because I was raised a certain way, I had to realize that everyone doesn’t share the same values or morals. Throughout my life I have had my share of people who left me on the short end of the stick when it came to certain situations. It made me more aware of a lot of things that have entered my life and I’m completely grateful for that. 

You’re a visual artist and designer, when did you decide this is something you want to do? Did you always have these gifts?

I have been an artist since I was about 3 years old. During the day, when my parents would go to work I would stay with my grandparents. My grandfather, who is an artist, is the reason why I have such a passion for art. He would buy me drawing books and sometimes have me construct items out of cardboard, wood, or even paint. However, I didn’t get in depth with painting until about two years ago - I would’ve never thought it would’ve taken me this far. As far as my brand goes, I have wanted it ever since my middle school days. 

You’re also owner of AMATI, who are your target customers?

My target customers are those whom have a passion for fashion. To me, it’s another form of art just involving fabrics and accessories.

What do you have planned for the future, in general and as a designer?

I certainly plan to expand, which is why in my latest release I’m setting the solid foundation for my brand. I honestly plan to be as big as Virgil Abloh, who owns and designs “Off-White.” I’ve received advice from a stylist/designer by the name of Ugo Mozie about my future and where I need to go and I know for sure I will get there. Starting with traveling to NYC, LA, Paris, and Tokyo. It all won’t happen at once but it will definitely begin this year.  

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