It’s a beautiful Sunday and today we have a beautiful interview featuring a beautiful woman with an equally beautiful voice.


It’s a beautiful Sunday and today we have a beautiful interview featuring a beautiful woman with an equally beautiful voice. So much beauty today thanks to Jai-lyn! Jai-lyn is a college student, who has a passion for Christ and we see great things in her future. Check it out.

How was your childhood? What obstacles have you faced that have molded you into the person you are today? 

Growing up I remember how sheltered I was. I grew up in the suburbs of Missouri City, Texas. I went to private school up until 2nd grade. I was probably the youngest of all my friends since I started school early. In middle school I took Pre-AP classes and I made A’s and B’s. I played on the basketball team 7th and 8th grade year. I played the clarinet in the band, sang in the choir at church… Things like that. 

Once I got to high school things took a dramatic turn. I mainly struggled with finding my identity. That included hanging out with people I knew I shouldn’t have been hanging out with, trying to find friends, and really just trying to fit in with the crowd. The lifestyle I chose to live didn’t add any substance, it only took away. At that time I would go to church and not really learn anything from it because of my pride. And I must say, it’s hard being a prideful Christian, because when you’re intentionally ignoring what God has to say or rather you hear what God has to say and you choose to do the opposite, the conviction weighs heavy on the inside. Finally I just broke and asked God to make it stop, all the trouble I was going through, all the pain I put my family through, all the disappointments…I just wanted to start over. And He was gracious to me. I’ve learned to trust Him more and not try to do things on my own. That, I believe, is how things go wrong in the first place: when we try to take matters into our own hands. 

How has Christianity helped you in life? You’re also a singer, what do you plan to do with such a beautiful voice?  

As far as singing goes, I haven’t really planned on anything major. Currently I’m singing on the worship band at HBU, but that’s about it. I really wanted to start writing more and perfecting my guitar and piano skills.  

Can you elaborate, what things had you put your family through? Also do you think you’ve found yourself (your purpose) what is it? 

Most people know that no one is perfect. We all hit rough patches sometimes. Well, growing up in a Christian home, it broke my parents’ heart when they found out I had homosexual desires. It’s been part of my struggle for about 4 years. I was in and out of relationships, I was a liar, a hypocrite along with so many other things. So it took a lot to gain their trust back. They weren’t Bible “thumpers” or anything, they just thought I should have known the difference between right and wrong. After praying and actually believing I wanted deliverance from that lifestyle God was gracious to me and gave me a life now I couldn’t have ever imagined. I know now that my identity cannot be found in people, places, or things, only in Jesus Christ. I learned that people, especially, will walk out on you when things look bad and the only love you can depend on is the love of Jesus. I believe my purpose is just like any other Christian’s, to spread His word. My desire in life is to reach the young people, because essentially that is who’s going to grow up and takes care of our nation. I love kids, music, and art. But, most of all I love God. So, there has to be something greater in store for me with all that in mind. Currently I work as a student dispatcher for campus police at HBU so I’m not able to reach as many people as I’d like… however all it takes is one; if I’m only able to reach one person, that one is all that matters.

Thanks Jai-lyn for drenching the audience in your truths! To check out Jai-lyns work, visit her on Instagram @ strivedperfection.