We had the pleasure with speaking to the very enthusiastic, motivating Nyhemia.

We had the pleasure with speaking to the very enthusiastic, motivating Nyhemia. She was proud to share her story in hopes to help others through words.

What childhood memories have molded you  the person you are today?

Wow, this is an extremely difficult question to answer because my childhood is so dynamic.  EVERY single one of my childhood experiences has molded me into the person I am today.  But, if I had to narrow my childhood down to the most meaningful experiences it would include

Watching my mother exercise strength and independence

The relationship between my stepfather, biological father, grandfather, and first boyfriend

y mom’s optimistic, go-getter and no tolerance for BS attitude has given her the ability to withstand anything.  It is not just my mother’s ability to jump over any hurdle (because that’s what mothers are created to do), it is my mother’s ability to make her actions appear so effortless.  When I tell you this woman makes traveling through a storm look easy, honey it is like she dances up and down when lightning strikes.  I didn’t grow up seeing my mom complain about her long day of work or the abundance of school work she that she needed to finish prior to the end of the night.  I didn’t see her portray any level of frustration when the NJ Transit was our only means of transportation.  I never even heard her stress about being the youngest African-American woman on our city’s board of education.   I never heard her complain about how expensive my private high school tuition and out of state college tuition was.  I’ve only seen my mother’s head held high while she makes strides.  My mom is the definition of GETTING S*** DONE EFFORTLESSLY.

In addition, to my mother, the men in my life have made huge impacts in my life in their very own way.  My step-dad showed me the level of admiration that every man should have for his wife.  My grandfather has taught me that just because your family is out of your sight does not mean you leave your family behind and out of your mind.  My biological father has taught me that no matter how much you try, you can not run away from forgiveness, nor can you push away your problems.  Despite all of his flaws, I am always learning from him, he is currently teaching me the concept of unconditional love.  Lastly, my first boyfriend taught me that no companionship is perfect.  Even as a young couple, he taught me that love is not something that is developed overnight. He showed me how love can be a game of “Easy come, Easy go”. Love can easily be lost if two people do not fight daily to maintain it.  Although the love between us was not everlasting, the lesson will always stick with me.

All of the following experiences have taught me one major lesson, I cannot control every aspect of life.  But what I can do, is use all of the experiences as lessons for personal growth.  Instead of always trying to find a solution to every single element, I have to allow my faith to kick in, trust that every event has a purpose and it will all work out in the end.  Life was never meant to be depicted as “what it should be”, life s about how well we adapt.

What insecurities have you overcome and still may be overcoming if any? Is there any advice, if yes.

Once again, another very difficult question to answer.  Let me start off by saying that just about every single day I practice self-love activities.  For instance, after showering, I take a long look into the mirror.  I admire every piece of me.  This includes the all of the qualities that I love about myself as well as all of the qualities that I least like about myself.  I tell myself that I am so lucky to have my flawed honey skin.  I tell myself that I am blessed to have an imperfect body that is 100% healthful and very unique.  I also point out other elements of myself that make me different from those around me. I point out my nose,  beauty marks on my lips, small eyes, kinky hair, and even down to my short stubby hands etc..  This eliminates all of the insecurities that I have before I lay my head down to sleep and before I walk out of the house to start my day.  

But one insecurity that I cannot fight is being concerned with being too vulnerable.  Anyone who follows me on all of my social media platforms (@Be_Eccentric) knows that the majority of my posts mirror how I feel on a daily basis.  In addition, anyone who has had conversations with me more for more than 30 minutes knows that I can become very passionate and easily spill elements of my past experiences into a simple conversation. As a result of sharing my raw self, one of my biggest insecurities and fears is that I am too open with the wrong audience or wrong individuals.  Unfortunately, this is a result of being taken for granted in the past and is always a thought that lingers in my head when becoming acquainted with someone new or before posting anything on social media.

I always go back and forth between the idea of this insecurity, but I am naturally a pretty raw person. I say how I feel because:

I deserve to be heard

I do not only speak for myself, I speak for others who are too afraid to be themselves

When did you notice your gift of writing? And what do you mostly write about?

I love the fact that someone considers my writing as a gift!  *Inserts extremely happy emoji!* :)

In all seriousness, I never considered my writing a gift.  I never considered my writing a gift because I repost a handful of quotes that I have read or heard from another source. Instead of being called a great writer, I believe I am a great listener and great observer who can identify relatable concepts.

In addition to the quotes that I repost, I do compose original pieces of my own. But I do not consider my original pieces as gifts. I am only reciting concepts that people encounter or will encounter someday.  Anyone can do exactly what I am doing if they take the time to analyze how they feel.  My Instagram bio defines my ultimate goal,  “I write to inspire”.  I write how I feel at given moments to provoke people to think about how they are feeling or have felt.  Being called a gifted writer is flattering, but I classify  myself as a Thought Provoker.   Sometimes when I am “in my feelings”, I classify myself as a Soul Writer.

As of lately, I’ve been writing about personal growth, motivation, finding purpose, possessing faith, being in love, struggling to get over a heartbreak, and chasing my dreams.  All of these concepts precisely define who I am, I embody all of those concepts on a day to day.  My natural behavior is to stunt in front of people as if I am a strong brick wall, although the reality is that I am an emotional wreck anxiously waiting to write all of my thoughts down on a piece of paper or my icloud notes.

I began writing in elementary school, my earliest memory of ever writing was around the age of 10.  I remember growing up seeing my mom be a journal hoarder.  One of her favorite things to buy were journals that have funky print, word art, color, design, etc.  She is a bookworm and still purchases journals from time to time.  As a result, I naturally picked up her same habit. I remember one of my earlier journals.  The lock was voice activated.  Oh, I wish I could remember the brand of this journal!  The fact that my voice acted as a lock to my journal made it even more exciting to write in it every day!

In elementary school, my journals started off as me writing about my day.

I depicted the typical frustrations that elementary kids go through.  I believe a few pages were about one of my close friends being really mean to me, and the next couple of pages were about how I wanted to pack up my barbie suitcase and leave my house because my mom and siblings were getting on my nerves.

Of course, there were pages about a few goofy boys that I admired.

As time went on, my innocent elementary journals turned into pure middle school frustration.  I was in a state of discomfort.  There were elements of my new entered adolescence that I wanted to erase.

A few of my journal entries turned into my version of poems,

I am not the greatest rhymer, I wish I possessed skills of wordplay, but these short poems illustrated stories that my typical journal entries could not depict.  I guess you can say that my poems were like cousins to my daily journal entries. They were kin to one another by nature, but they delivered a different essence.

When I got to high school I continued to write in my journals.

You can definitely say this is when life starting getting real, real fast. I had no idea what was in store for me.

By this time, I had obtained stress from adapting to a higher academic standard at a private high school.

In addition to trying to develop a serious focus on my grades, I thought I was so in love with my boyfriend.

As time progressed issues with my friends could not get any worse, and to top everything off, my stepfather passed away.

Life was only beginning and my journals were getting thicker and thicker.

Once I stepped foot onto my college campus, my iPhone notes were my new found friend that always met up with after 10 pm.

I’ve been writing since elementary school, the content has evolved, but the consistency has remained the same.

To sum it all up, I write about how we all are required to deal with life’s unexpected alterations and pain.

You’re a student. What are you going to school for and how important is it to you? What advice do you give students to continue their education or to those who aren’t in school?

I am a business student of North Carolina A&T State University.  I will officially graduate in May of 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management and a Six Sigma Green Belt certification!  This degree means a great deal to me.  This degree was not only earned by my efforts, this degree was also earned through the support of my family and friends. This degree does not measure my success, this degree measures the level of love and support I received from all of my loved ones.  I would not have this degree if my loved ones did not support me academically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

My degree is also important to me because I was given the opportunity to attend the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University.  I am aware that most people do not understand the significance of my university, or can even fathom the way I feel when I hear someone scream AGGIE PRIDE!  My pride, unforgettable experiences, the amazing family that I obtained, and the history I learned at the institution is something that I wish I could share with the world!

The advice that I would give to students who desire to continue their education:

MAKE IT COUNT!  Do not invest the time, money, and effort into an education that will not be taken seriously.

In addition to taking all of your courses seriously, understand that “your education is only a supplement to your career” (quoted from Bombshells in Business Founder: Shelby Ivey Christie).  Do not attend college if you are not ready to WERK!  Yes, your grades are extremely important, but once you have stepped foot onto a college campus, your collegiate career as started.  Every day you need to be asking yourself, how am I working towards my career goals outside of the classroom?  No, this does not mean that you must work a full-time job and be a full-time student at the same time, but this does mean that you should have a professional portfolio.  This does mean that you can provide a list of professional titles in your field of study off of the top and your head and without using google as a reference.  In addition, you should be able to thoroughly explain the steps necessary to reach these career titles.  How often are you reading publications concerning your major?  Have you taken the initiative to become a member of professional and/ or collegiate organizations pertaining to your field of study.

If you cannot answer these questions and you believe that you are not ready for this level of responsibility, you do not need to make any plans to attend college.  A successful college student must know how to balance personal, scholastic, and career endeavors all at once.  If you are not doing these things, you are wasting your time, money, and effort on an education.  If you are ready to accept this challenge, I would like to be the first one to tell you to buckle up because it is going to be an eventful ride that you will never forget! :)

The advice that I would give to students who are not in school:

Although I attended a university, I am a firm believer in the idea that college is not for everyone.   We all know famous and unfamiliar examples of people that have made profound things happen without a college degree.  I would advise anyone to not feel pressured by their friends, family members or mentors to go to college if they are not ready.  As mentioned, there is no point of attending college if you are not ready to conquer its challenges.

If you are not in college, you must decide on the industry that you wish to conquer.  Yes, I said conquer!  Decide on the industry and work at it every damn day!  Yes, I said every damn day!  Remember, you have to work twice as hard as college students because of your lack of “formal education”.  This only means that you have to take it upon yourself to informally educate yourself on how t temporarily make ends meet while you learn how to master your craft/trade/talent/etc.

The advice that I would give to both genres of students:

Obtain a mentor in your industry, someone who belives in you juts as much as you believe in yourself


I know it can be extremely scary to go after what your heart desires.  I know that sometimes we can be discouraged on a daily basis by our family, friends, and sometimes even role models, but I promise you that there is a reason why you possess this dream. Fulfilling your dream is one of the only few elements that actually matter as you spend your time on this earth.  Lastly, Boo your purpose is not going to pursue you, you have to purpose your purpose.

What do you have planned in the future? (Writing wise, career wise and goals in general)

Career Goals:

Become one of the best marketing and supply chain consultants of my generation

Writing Goals:

Write daily

Become a New York Times Best Seller

Other Goals:

Enhance dance skills: Perform and ultimately be in the position to professionally educate the upcoming generation

Develop philanthropic organization

Become bilingual


Enhance spiritual relationship

Be a better listener to family and friends

If you would like to know more about Nyhemia, contact her on IG: @Be_Eccentric!

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