We spoke with the lovely Briana Holland, who is very dedicated to helping people.

We spoke with the lovely Briana Holland, who is very dedicated to helping people. She has high hopes of one day starting an organization for adolescences. With the previous obstacles she has overcome, she is ready to jump over life’s hurdles. 

How was your childhood growing up?

Growing up, my child hood was filled with love, pain, laughter, and many other emotions. I am the only daughter of four boys. I know, I know…tough! Fortunately for me, I was raised and surrounded by my grandparents. My brothers taught me to have a hard exterior, while my grandparents instilled the values and love in me. I grew up really active, into all types of sports: football, basketball, track, cheerleading, dance, you name it! I loved to be active. 

Were there any obstacles that could have prevented you from getting to where you are today?

I’ve learned that life is full of obstacles and setbacks. Of course I’ve had obstacles as well as trials and tribulations. At 16 years old, I had to endure the death of my father. I believe that’s pretty much the hardest thing I’ve been through up to date. Losing him put me in such a negative head space. I battled depression, suicide, and many other psychological problems. Being in high school at the time, this traumatic event caused me to not care about my priorities. I quit doing the things that made me happy, and I let sadness take over my life. That alone, could’ve prevented me from living, growing, and becoming a better me. 

I’m certainly glad that you seem to be in a better headspace. You recently graduated and now you work as a CNA, how important was that for you?

Wow! Getting this certification was pretty important to me. I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was 4 years old. When I was 11, I actually made a written plan that I would have received my certification before 21. I did that. It was important for me to obtain the simple certification, because it made me realize that no matter what I’ve been through I can overcome any and everything. If I put my mind to it, I will achieve my goals. 

What are you working on now?

Currently, I am enrolled in school working on my RN license. Besides furthering my education, I am into other social things. I am focusing on building business relationships with promotion companies as well as building a brand for myself. I am now developing a mentoring foundation geared towards adolescent girls. This is like my unborn baby!

What are your ultimate goals? 

Ultimately, I’d like to help people. My passion is to help people on this earth, that is my calling. I hope to impact future generations. I hope to implement change in today’s society. My ultimate goal is to share love and positivity across the world.

To learn more about Briana, contact her on @beereaaal.