Today we’re featuring someone who is very special to the Pink Productions family, Mariah Clark.

Today we’re featuring someone who is very special to the Pink Productions family, Mariah Clark. Mariah aspires to change and advance in the fashion world. She’s overcome many things, and she has words over encouragement for you all!

How is it growing up the oldest of your siblings and being the only girl?

Growing up the oldest and being the only girl was very difficult for me not having that guidance from an older sibling. My mom and I aren’t really each-others favorite so I felt I needed that older sister to guide and help me.

Have you ever struggled with anything? What are your struggles and how did you overcome them?

I’ve struggled with my self esteem, not loving myself, not liking who I was. I hated myself. I always felt I had to meet this certain standard which led me into having depression, trying to place myself in certain crowds that weren’t for me. I overcame them by praying and believing in me, knowing it’s okay to be the odd ball. I’m currently still dealing with my own insecurities so all I can say is take it one step at a time 

You seem like you make and follow your own rules, is it hard sometimes being a leader and not fitting in?

Being a leader isn’t hard just very stressing having all these requirements that your supposed to follow. And all these people who expect highly of you, so when you don’t over achieve those expectations they make you feel terrible. So it’s just hard to carry that image .

What are your goals? What do you aspire to do and how do you expect to do it?

My goals are to be successful. I aspire to be an fashion icon setting trends and creating new ones. I also aspire to encourage women to be themselves and take them on a self love journey to genuine happiness. My goal is to empower my generation. 

Any advice to our audience who may have struggled with what you’ve struggled with?

The advice I’ll give to the ones who have battled the same problems I faced is: Once there’s rain remember there’s always an rainbow and storms don’t last forever. Have faith in yourself and most importantly God. You don’t have to worry about anything! You control your life. Whatever you allow yourself to go through or feel down about is your call, forget what everyone else says. Negative people aren’t happy with themselves but you can be! Keep your heels high lady’s and your heads higher!

Thanks Mariah for your words! Check out Mariah on Twitter @ QueenMarixx.