We spoke with Mallory who has a passion for Public Relations.


We spoke with Mallory who has a passion for Public Relations. She also has a blog called “The #IAMBLOG”. Not only that but Mallory is also an amazing singer. Check out her story!

How was your childhood growing up?

I had a great childhood, especially from the outside. The thing is, and I am just now figuring it out, even I had family and personal problems, insecurities, and setbacks.  I had it so good compared to others that I ignored the fact that I too had issues.  Don’t get me wrong, being fortunate enough to have both parents in my home, who made sure I was taken care of is a huge blessing in the 20th and 21st centuries, but the sooner you see a problem the sooner you can begin to heal. Imagine not even knowing there’s a problem for 22 years. How do you begin to heal from that? 

 What obstacles and insecurities did you deal with in the past and how did you overcome them? 

I have most definitely struggled. It’s funny because I’m one of those people you’d never guess had the kind of issues, thoughts, and struggles that I had and sometimes still have.  In the past I was extremely insecure: not only did I find myself less than when it came to others, but I was never good enough for myself.  I used to make myself feel ugly, overweight, unwanted, and unpopular—none of which were ever true—then convince myself that it was everybody else who thought those things of me.  I missed out on so many relationships because of that. In addition, even though I lived with both of my parents, I missed out on crucial parts of a father-daughter relationship. Sometimes I wonder if it was any different than not having a father present.  I am currently digging into and figuring that part of my life out so I can’t say too much for sure but I have found that I had and still have issues because of that.  My past is really hard to think about but it’s such a blessing to actually recognize the problems and want to take the steps necessary to heal. 

I see that you are blogger, so how did you get into blogging? What do you mostly blog about? 

Yes! I blog. So I had no interest in blogging. But, one day during my senior year at the University of Houston I had an in depth conversation with my career advisor.  I told her that I want to be a publicist but didn’t know exactly how to get my foot in the door because I hadn’t yet landed an internship at the time – I later landed an awesome one. One of the things she kept telling me to do was to start a blog, even if the goal wasn’t to grow it.  She said I just needed to write and have something out there in case somebody wanted to look. I was like, “yeah, okay.”  But, in February 2015, while in one of my PR classes, I started my blog.  It’s the best choice I’ve made writing wise.  Not only does it allow me to vent to an audience I can’t see, but it’s a channel through which I can help others.  The majority of the #iamblog is posts sharing day-to-day experiences, thoughts, and solutions based on what I’ve learned: how to be more mature, how to embrace oneself, how to own life, etc. It’s not the most popular blog out there but it’s gotten 9,000 times the attention I thought it would.  I’ve even gotten two or three messages from readers overseas. Check it out at laiamblog.blogspot.com. That plug was not subtle at all. 

I also noticed, you have great voice, is that something you would aspire to use in the future? 

You did some research, I see! Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. Yes. If I were offered a record deal or something of that sort right now, as long as it were fair and in line with my morals, I’d take it in a heartbeat. I used to aspire to be nothing but a recording artist, but I took a “break" to figure things out. During that time, I switched my major and fell in love with Public Relations. That’s when I decided I want to be a publicist. In my head you always have to have a plan and a dream. My plan, what will support my family and myself, is to be a celebrity publicist. My dream is to sing for the rest of my life. If you know anybody, pass the word on! 

What are your ultimate goals? What do you have planned for your future?  

My goals are to remain connected to God and my faith, and to grow close to him. I want to eventually marry a man who cherishes, loves, and adores me. I want to raise up two children and instill in them the values I was taught and the self-love I have learned and, though I’ve lied to myself for the past few years, I want to become a celebrity publicist, but make a living doing what I love, performing.

To learn more about Mallory, follow her @iammallory.