Today we featured model and singer, Sanerica.

Today we featured model and singer, Sanerica. Sanerica talks about life growing up, opens up about her struggles and future goals. Check it out! 

How was your childhood growing up? 

Growing up I thought everyone had the same motive as me. I didn’t think people lie, steal, or anything like that because I didn’t do any of those things growing up – I was too scared. But, how naive was I? I’m the oldest of three and the friendliest, goofiest, and sensitive of them all. Back in elementary school my teacher, Mrs. Howard, gave me the name “Sociable Sanerica” because supposedly I talked too much. I was involved in many after school activities such a “ballet, theater, and art.” As I got older I discovered my athletic abilities, I was always on the move because playing sports was like a full time job for me, so it kept me and my family on the go. 

When did you know you wanted to model and sing?

I knew I wanted to model and sing when I finally let go of track after my freshman year of college. I always wanted to sing but was too scared to even share that gift with the world. Slowly but surely, I’m bringing that gift to light. 

Growing up, did you ever struggle with anything? If so, how did you overcome those struggles?

Growing up I struggled with being bullied. My peers disliked me because of who I was as a person, my athletic abilities, my God given talents, and my bubbly personality. Everywhere I went I would have to watch my back because I thought every female I crossed paths with was out to get me.

I don’t think I really just overcame my struggles. Now that I’m older I think I just learned how to be unapologetic, I’ve embraced the young woman God created me to be. I speak my mind, I acknowledge when I’m wrong, and I continue to do my part as a cheerful giver. 

You have a love for the arts, what do you want to do with photography, journalism, modeling, and singing in the future?

Photo Journalism is one of my favorite hobbies. I love capturing candid shots of people while I’m out in the Houston area if I have my camera on hand. I actually thought about purchasing equipment and studying the art more and possibly shooting a few local models to help work on my craft, but I’m afraid it will turn into work and I won’t enjoy it as much as I do now. I plan to continue to incorporate both modeling and singing together, but my goal is to gain a bigger audience and work on coming out with an album one day in the near future. 

In the industry, what are some of the boundaries you’ve had to push through and how did you overcome them?

I’m still pushing through different boundaries. I have to work twice as hard because if not I’ll just be the typical “pretty black girl” that models and sing. I’m in an industry where men are taken more seriously than women, so when it comes to working with different people I have to make them believe in what I’m doing and not come off as if singing and modeling is something I’m doing because “everyone” else is doing it for the likes or because it’s trending for the moment. It gets kind of hard at times because you will get those music professionals that claim they want to work with you on certain projects, but they may have an ulterior motive. Sometimes I have to let it be known beforehand that I’m not here to play or go out on any dates because I’m here for business. So if it’s personal then I’ll opt out of it and seek for someone else that can give me what I’m looking for to get the job done. 

What advice would you give to women who want to follow your footsteps? 

First of all, I would tell that woman not to follow my footsteps. However, just continue to pray and ask God for his guidance and discernment. Ask him to lead you to the people that can help better you as a person and continue to stay at peace even when the world seems to be upside down. If it’s something you want to do, try not to over think it because you’ll give yourself so many excuses about why you can’t do it. Don’t worry about what people think or what they’re going to say because nine times out of ten someone is going to have something to say regardless, so you might as well do it. There’s going to be many obstacles thrown your way, but the key is to look for the opportunity in the obstacle and never stop growing through them. It gets hard at times, but you were not built to break. And just remember it’s not about you, there’s always a bigger picture. Let the light inside of you shine so others can see and be inspired by your greatness and blessings.

To learn more about Sanerica visit her on Instgram  @SanericaD.