Today we’re featuring the beautiful Dorothy Milan.

Today we’re featuring the beautiful Dorothy Milan. Her story is great and it’s amazing to read how she turned her insecurities to her passion. Read her interview and be inspired! We hope it encourages all who reads.

What has shaped you (positively and negatively) into the woman you are today? 

Well, I grew up with my mom. She was very strict and conservative. I had a stepdad, he was Nigerian and if you have ever lived with any person of African decent, you know they’re strict. So it really helped because I’m really respectful towards elders. I know to get things done in a timely manner. For example, during the summer, instead of being able to go out and hang with people, I had to write summaries. I had to write summaries of segments on the history channel, and my mom would make sure I did it. She said there were too many boys on the block, so I couldn’t go out. I was the only child until I was about 8 or 9. I was like a second mom to my siblings.  

Do you think that was positive or negative? 

Now? Its positive. Before, I thought “what the hell?” (lol). I wondered, why couldn’t I go out during the summer. It’s not fair. Now I appreciate it. My eyes were opened to many things young. Things that people don’t know about. Most people don’t know about the renaissance or anything really at a young age, unless its in school. She would make me study PSAT vocab words, but I appreciate it. I got to travel a lot when I was young too. Which is also good. She worked for an airport. 

What were you insecure about growing up? 

I was ugly. I was so ugly (lol). I was ugly until junior year of High School. In middle school, I had acne, I had eczema, I would get stye’s on my eyes every summer. I didn’t know what to do with my hair, it was kinky curly. My mom didn’t know which products to use, I was flat chested with no booty. The worst part about it was I cared, and I wanted to fit in, which made it even more ugly. I struggled with that. I got teased a lot. One year in seventh grade, I had a boil on my face. If you’ve ever seen The Fairly OddParents, the kid with the big boil, that was me! I had it on my face a month and a half. Being teased… It bothered me.  

How did you deal with it? 

At one point in time, I did talk with a counselor. The school counselor. I started paying attention. Paying attention on how to respond, stuff like that. Having someone to talk to is good. Having someone who doesn’t judge you. You have to accept it, there’s nothing you can really do about it (unless you get surgery). No matter how you look, you can’t help it. So learn to appreciate your features, but that takes maturity and time. Self love.  

Do you love yourself? 

I do! But there are definitely some things I would love to work on. There’s always so much to learn. If you think you know it all, you know nothing.

What are your life goals? 

Eventually I want to have my own Medical Spa basically. That’s as far as I can get without going to Medical School. Which is fine, because I want to offer everything from basic facials, to customized facials, chemical peels, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, Botox, anything you might need… I’ll even throw in lashes. I want to be the best Medical Esthetician that I can be. When I use to get teased, I had many skin problems… that inspired me to do this. I know how it feels to have an issue and not know how to solve it. It sucked. Being teased, that sucked. Kids are so mean. That’s definitely what inspired it. 

How are you working towards your goals? 

I’m currently a Laser technician, but I still do facials. I’m still a Medical Esthetician, but I primarily do laser hair removal. I’m actually enrolling and training for fillers and injectables, I want to get that certification under my belt. Most places, don’t really hire you if you’re not a nurse, but maybe I can shadow. Maybe I can work my way in and get grandfathered in. Basically, I’m focused on getting a lot of experience under my belt. My resume is pretty good, I just want more experience.  

When do you plan on opening your own spa? 

By the age of 30, so I have a good seven years to reach my goal. By that time I also want to have my bachelor’s degree. I have to change my major and everything. I want to change my major to business. I want to know the marketing and finance aspects. Switching my major would allow me to see all of that, I do not want to rely on people. Never rely on people. 

What about marriage, do you want to be married by 30? 

If it flows, why not. If it happens to go that way, why not. It’s not in my plans, but if it happens, it happens. I’m learning, some things take time, just like my degree, nothing is a race. I felt so bad, all my classmates they’ve graduated and I’m close… but I can do better.

I always feel like I can always do better, I never want to get comfortable. I never want to get stagnant, I hate being stagnant.  

Do you believe in God? 

Yes. I’m a Christian. But I respect any higher being that’s about positivity. As long as it’s about positivity and joining together, not shaming anyone away. I believe in God. I’m learning that everything happens because of Him, not because of me, so I’m learning to let things flow. I pray everyday. I’m grateful. I came out of a lot that I probably shouldn’t have. I feel like everything is a part of my story, learning to let go and let God. Even if it’s bad I’m trusting that its for a good reason. I went through a lot at 19, and I overcame it because I didn’t react badly. I didn’t rebel or anything, I knew it was just happening for a reason. The smartest decision was to not let it affect me in a negative way. If you pray it calms you. Learn from your mistakes so that it doesn’t happen again.  

In the next 5 years, I see myself moving out of Houston. I’m going to keep learning and growing as a person. I will travel in between. I’m going to stay focused and I trust things will fall into place. Play smarter, not harder! 

We loved speaking with Dorothy Milan. We hope everyone reading are more inspired to chase after their dreams. To check out Doro Milan visit her on Instagram @ DoroMilan.