Super excited to share Tracy’s interview with you all today.

Super excited to share Tracy’s interview with you all today. Tracy is an amazing make up artist, who aspires to grow in the field. She’s a strong woman who didn’t let the opinions of others define her, and because of that she continues to grow.  

Tell me about your upbringing, how was it growing up in a Nigerian household?  

Growing up as a Nigerian American is a wonderful experience! I’ve learned so many things about my culture and ancestors. Also, growing up was very difficult because people would make fun of me and the school I went to didn’t have a lot of Africans. In middle school I was ashamed of my culture to the point that I didn’t even care to tell people my last name. Once I got into high school I met so many people that were Nigerian, just like me. So I eventually embraced my Nigerian side and even joined the African Student Association.   

What influences growing up shaped who you are today?  

My mother is the biggest influence in my life. I respect her because of all the sacrifices she has made for me and my sisters. Just watching her raise me and my sisters alone really shows me how strong she is. She always would tell me and my sisters the sky is our limit. I’ve really learned everything I know thanks to my mom.  

You’re the oldest of three girls. Have you ever felt pressured? If so, how? 

Yes, since I could remember I’ve always been held to a high pedestal. Growing up in a Nigerian household wasn’t easy at first because they think you should be a nurse, doctor or engineer. My parents had a lot of expectations for me as the oldest and for some reason I couldn’t do it anymore. Things had gotten worse as soon as I entered college. My first major was nursing and I only was doing it to please my family. It was my biggest struggle and I knew I wasn’t ready for college so I failed repeatedly. I was ashamed of myself and I remember falling into a deep depression. Later as I started to figure myself out I changed my major to teaching. As the oldest everyone expects you to know what your doing and I couldn’t live up to those standards. I’ve made many mistakes in my life and I’m so grateful that I have a loving family. I try to teach my siblings to learn from my mistakes.  

Have you ever been insecure about anything? What are your insecurities and how did you overcome them? 

I used to be so insecure about my facial features. I hated that I had a birthmark on my face and I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. It took me a while to accept the fact that God made me this way and I have to embrace my looks, So one day I went in the restroom and I played Beyonce’s “Flaws and All” song and I cried because I finally believed that I was beautiful. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror and embrace your reflection. 

Who inspires you? As in, who do you look up to? 

I admire my mother because of her amazing strength in raising my sisters and me by herself. She is fearless, confident and brave. When I fall my mom is there to lift me up. She is my best friend and I’m very open with her. I pray that I have that same relationship with my kids. I think having a bond with your kids is important so they are able to come talk to you about anything. My mom has sacrificed her life for her children. There is so much I could say about this woman!  

What are your future goals? 

Some of my future goals is using my life and experiences to help others. Whether I do it through makeup lessons or just group discussions. My life will be a testimony one day and I believe that God will use my life to bless many people. I also want to get my degree and open up a business. Maybe even get married and have kids! :) 

When did you realize you had a passion for makeup? How? 

I think I was born to do makeup honestly. When I was younger I would sneak into my mother’s cosmetic bag and wear her eyeliner to school. I didn’t get to wear makeup until I entered high school and my sophomore year is when I really dedicated my time to learning how to perfect my skills. I’m a very artistic person and I love how you can enhance your beauty with makeup.  

What advice do you have to other women just like you wanting to advance in the makeup world? 

My advice to anyone who is entering the makeup world is to be true to their craft. Social media can really confuse you because you might feel intimidated by makeup artist that have a big following or tons of likes. Remember that everyone started somewhere and you won’t be a success overnight. Practice makes perfect! It took me years to perfect my brows. Focus on you and bettering your skills.  

To check out Tracy, visit her on Instagram @TracyChuku.