We had the pleasure of speaking with Earlyssa who is an amazing poet.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Earlyssa who is an amazing poet. She shared some of her truths with us and her inspiration for poetry. Check out her story!

How was your childhood?

My childhood was very rough. Honestly, the worst things that can happen to anyone, happened to me. Though, I went through those experiences, I did not let it stop my strive for greatness. Overall, that is how I became a poet. Through my poetry, I have mentees that whatever they go through, I know how to relate and advocate to them because I already have been through those situations.

Were there any particular events that helped define who you are today?

I do not want to go in depth with everything but I will touch the surface of those events. As I mentioned before, I have been through some of the worst situations. I have been mentally and physically abused. I have been held hostage, raped, exposed to drugs at a young age and my dad has been incarcerated. Those experiences really affected me but I am a woman of strength. I’m a strong believer that pain enters your life, so that you can get stronger.

You are an amazing poet, so when did you start writing?

I started writing in the 3rd grade. What sparked my interest  was that during Black History Month, I got assigned to recite a poem by Maya Angelou. The poem that I recited was “Phenomenal Woman”. Once I did that I was inspired; she is definitely a woman that I admire.

What inspires your poetry? What is a typical writing process for you.

What inspires my poetry is literally everything around me. The lack of knowledge invites ignorance so I write Black History poems and the importance of it. Sometimes, I write about what happens at school. At school, I see a lot of females that allow disrespect towards them because they don’t know their worth. I also love nature so I write about that; literally everything around me. 

A typical writing process for me is jotting down notes in my phone daily. Usually, when I write a poem, I have my blunt friend read them. My friend always let me know what she thinks of my work.

What are your ultimate goals? What do you have planned for your future?

My major in school is Broadcast Journalism, and I’m going to minor in Education. Ultimately, I want to become a ESPN News Anchor and a 3rd or 4thgrade teacher. My goals with poetry is to have my all female poetry book to be published. I would like to do motivational speaking and be a radio personality. I also have some upcoming projects so be on the lookout.

To learn more about Earlyssa, follow her @_Earlthepoet.