We spoke with the lovely Katrina Gabrielle who is a Fashion Blogger.


We spoke with the lovely Katrina Gabrielle who is a Fashion Blogger. She hopes to one day to open a successful boutique through her website. In addition, she opened up about the insecurities she struggled with while growing up. Katrina all about embracing who you are that we were definitely inspired by her positive energy. So check out her story!

Were there any events that stood out during your childhood?

To be completely honest, I wouldn’t say there are any events that necessarily stood out during my childhood. I was a happy kid for the most part; running around my neighborhood with friends and going to school every week like everyone else. I grew up with my older brother who I looked up to, and with my younger sister who looked up to me. My parents remained married, even to this day and provided us with everything we even needed. I have always been creative and full of energy, which is probably why I ended up blogging and creating my own website. I love being able to create something that I can look at or hold and think to myself: “you did that” or “you made that.” However, I did struggle a lot with finding my true identity and with not being understood by others. I don’t think that is necessarily unusual, because most kids go through that stage, but I remember over time, as I aged, I started thinking negatively about my capabilities and myself. I was picked on at school because of my weight, hair, and skin color, which made me feel like I was weird. Interestingly enough, I over came a lot of the negativity through comedy. I enjoyed making people laugh and doing so came very easily for me. Making people laugh helped me to make friends and actually stopped people from making fun of me. Overall, what happened to me in the past is what made me into the woman I am today, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love me.

Did you face any struggles or insecurities growing up? 

I struggled with so many different insecurities growing up. The biggest insecurity of all was actually my hair. I hated my hair. I hated the texture, the curls, the poof, and whatever else you can think of when it comes to my curly hair. I wished for straight hair every day, and I felt like my curly hair made me ugly. I was jealous of my sister’s hair and remember asking my parents why I got the bad genes. I struggled with being too skinny, and having a “weird skin color” because I was mixed. Although I still don’t really know or understand why I was picked on about these things, I was picked on all the time growing up. My aunt told me that when I was very little, I would come home from school and I wouldn’t speak to anyone, not even my mother and they couldn’t figure out why I was so sad. She sat me down one day and asked me what was going on, and I pointed to my skin. It turns out that I was being made fun of because of my skin color. In high school, people would say they could play patty cake on my chest because I was so flat chested. And actually, I still am today. I was told almost every day that I needed to eat, and it never failed that someone would always ask why I was so skinny. I specifically remember a guy telling me that I was gorgeous and that if I were “thick” I would be the “baddest” girl in school. It was things like this that I dealt with every day that made me feel like I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough. In my senior year of high school, I started to mold myself into the person I am now. I embraced my kinky, curly hair, and my 103 pounds. I stopped dressing like everyone else in school and started to find my own personal style. I started being true to myself and people actually started to like me more. Now people tell me how much they want my body or how they wish they could eat whatever they want without gaining weight. Everyone wants to embrace their natural hair now, and they want to know what I did to get my hair the way it is today. I am some girls “hair inspiration now.” I learned to love myself and I learned that it’s ok to be different because that is what sets you apart from everyone else in the world. Overcoming these insecurities instead of allowing them to ruin me was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I’m so happy that you’ve learn to embrace who you are! Tell us more about you, are you in school for design?

I am actually not in school for design. Not that I haven’t thought about it because at one point that was my goal. However, I realized a design degree would be restricting and I wanted my degree to be insurance and educational. I am currently in school pursuing my bachelors in marketing. I chose marketing because I eventually want to own my own business and I think it is important to understand how to draw in your targeted customer. I also chose marketing because in the event that my business doesn’t succeed—which I doubt—I wanted a degree that was broad and that wouldn’t restrict me to a particular field. I also feel like marketing is one of the most creative aspects of business and that would be a good fit for me.

You’re a fashion blogger, where can we find your blog? What is your go-to look and who is your audience?

Yes, I am a fashion blogger! Currently my site is under construction. I am recreating the site so that it is more directed towards my vision and goals. I am changing the name of my blog as well as the look. You can visit my site by searching www.KlosetFreak.squarespace.com. There you can see my new cover page in all its glory. You cannot actually enter the site as of right now because I am still working on those goodies, however I will be letting everyone know through social media when it is up and fully functional. As for my go-to look, I would have to say it is a great pair of high waisted jeans with slits in the knees, a crisp white cropped tee, chic pointed toe booties, a gold choker, and red lipstick. I could probably wear that outfit everyday. Just thinking about it gets me excited. I love diversity in my wardrobe though and I love having pieces I can wear with a little of everything. Fashion and style, for me, is the ultimate form of expression and I take pride in sharing that with my followers. My audience is everyone, not just people my age. I want anyone and everyone to come to my site and, not only find inspiration in a look or piece of clothing, but also see themselves in a look and be inspired to make the look their own. That is how I came up with my quote “Style is Personal So Wear You” and I honestly try to live by that quote every day.

What are your ultimate goals? What should you have accomplished in the next few years?

My ultimate goal as of right now is to open up a successful boutique online through my website. I think about that every day and it is the biggest box on my list that I want to check off. However, I also aspire to start my own YouTube channel, finish remodeling my blog, and most importantly, graduate from college. In the next few years you will know me as the business-marketing entrepreneur who is striving to achieve each and every one of her goals. But I also believe that nothing is set in stone and whatever the man up above has planned for my life is fine by me. I have learned that it is ok to have fun, and that every day of my life does not have to be solely focused on work. I just want to live every day, happy, stylish, and successful.

To learn more about Katrina, follow her on IG @katriinagabrielle!