We spoke with the wonderful Kariss Gordon.

We spoke with the wonderful Kariss Gordon. Kariss is definitely a woman that embodies the meaning of leadership. She actively engages and cares for her community.  She wears several hats but we are intrigued by Kariss business mentality and her knowledge on The Beauty of PR. Kariss is absolutely someone you should keep up with so check out her story!

How was your childhood, being that you were raised in a big family?

Growing up in a big family, there is never a dull moment. Everyone knows that my family holds it down on the dance floor AND in the kitchen. Therefore, growing up in a big family was, and still, is a blessing that I would not trade for the world. I have 6 siblings including myself that vary in style, personality, and athleticism that are between the ages of 11-26. Moreover, no one is socially awkward nor lacks confidence. Straight to the point, cut and dry.

While you were in college, you changed your major more than once, so how important was graduating?

Graduation was as important to me as air is to my lungs. In August 2009, I began my college career as a Chemical Engineering major at Prairie View A&M University. My Sophomore year, I found the art in Mass Communications and I graduated with my BBA in Management and Marketing in August 2015. 

I always promised myself to follow my heart and pursue a degree that I was going to be happy with and proud of. The point I am trying to make is that when I began college the objective was ALWAYS imperative to graduate with a career. I didn’t mean a job; a CAREER. The reason for my objective is because I believe a career is something you admire and a job is usually dealt with less diligently (contrary to belief). After graduating from Prairie View A&M, I can honestly say I had the true college experience and my time was well spent. Therefore, I felt like I found myself and my passion while meeting people and creating memories that will last a lifetime. #proudPVAlumnae #HobartTx #Classof2015

You’re also a big help in the community, what are your plans on staying engaged? 

My plans for staying engaged in the community are continuous. “Character is defined by what you do for someone without expecting something in return.” Recently, I volunteered as the Marketing Coordinator for the 200EliteUSA HTX HOOP FEST in Humble, TX. We had over 150 people attend for two games of high school players and adult players. The PVAMU Panther Dolls were the half time performers for the adult game and the entertainment was Houston’s very own, DJVoowoah and “Rizzzo Rizzo” of TSF. I’ve also donated to over 15 Girls Scouts vendor locations. I have also started giving food and other donations to the less fortunate around the city. I am also on the Community and Inclusion Committee at my job. Next month, I will be volunteering at the Conroe Fire Department with my job as well. I love giving back and promoting responsibility because God has blessed me tremendously to not be a blessing to others.

What are some proud moments, you’re grateful to have experienced?

Moments I am grateful to have experience are: my mom marrying my father, moving to Texas from Illinois, seeing the sunset and a shooting star, rebirthing Club Chic, falling in real love, my college graduation and working for Pepsi.

To learn more about Kariss, contact her @thekarissgordon.