We had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Mulenga, a women passion about Christ.


We had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Mulenga, a women passion about Christ. Her love for God is truly evident and certainly inspiring. 

 What influences of your past have shaped your present?

My parents have a lot of influence on the person I have become today. I grew up with two brothers and a sister, in a strict Christian home with Christian values and principles. We had regular bible studies and prayers. I remember as a child attending only Christian events and listening to only Christian music. My Father was very strict about the things of God. I don’t remember ever missing a church service as a child. I was very much aware of God’s presence in my life at a young age. I remember as a little girl always having conversations with God.

Tell us more about your relationship with God, how did you develop a relationship with him? 

As an adult I went away from home and did my own thing. I did not uphold the Christian values I was raised by. I was the life of the party and president of the turn up committee. Deep within me I was ashamed of my lifestyle because that was not how my parents raised me. I felt I had disappointed God so much that I wanted to change but didn’t know how. During this period of my life I experienced a series of events that left me lost, broken, and in so much pain. Beginning of 2015, I was miserable and desperate to know why God created me. This led me to seek God more than ever before. I completely gave myself to him. He began to slowly change me from the inside out. He dealt with the bitterness and unforgiveness that had built up in my heart over the years. He gave me peace that I cannot put into words. I allowed him access to my mind and he renewed it completely. The things of the world were no longer attractive to me. He brought people in my life that helped me with my spiritual growth. I joined a local church and started serving in the children’s ministry faithfully. All this came with letting go of bad relationships, friendships, and the turn up lifestyle. I had to pray and feed on the word of God daily and since then I have never been the same. My life has changed and amazing things have happened and continue to happen.

Did you experience any insecurities? If so, how did you overcome them? 

Absolutely, I lacked self-confidence and was so afraid of taking on challenging tasks due to fear of failure. I did not believe in myself at all. However, as I have continued to grow spiritually I have found myself doing things I never thought I could ever do. The word of God has truly helped me and continues to help me overcome some of my insecurities. John 1:14 says that “the word became human and lived among us.” The word of God is real and very much alive and it works. When you feed and meditate on it, you will be amazed at what God can do for you and through you.

You recently joined Sigma Beta Delta and graduated with honors, how important was this for you? 

I set a goal to graduate with honors. I worked a full time job, paid for my degree out of pocket, and worked extremely hard and achieved that goal. It was not easy, I faced so many challenges and I always felt like quitting. However, I was my biggest supporter, encourager and motivator. I was not about to let myself down. So I kept pushing and told myself that no matter what, I was not only going to graduate but I was going to graduate with honors—and so I did!

What are your ultimate goals? What do you have planned for your future?

My ultimate goal is to walk with God and be exactly who he has created me to be. I have a dream of becoming an author and a passion for women empowerment. My vision is to inspire women across the globe to find their identity in Christ and develop an uncompromising personal relationship with God. I also plan on enrolling into graduate school soon!

We know that with God on your side you are sure to accomplish anything! To learn more about Rachel, follow her on Instagram @rachelempowered