This month’s interviews have been starting off really amazing.

This month’s interviews have been starting off really amazing. They’re just getting even better. Today we have the pleasure of sharing Jasmin B’s interview with you all! Jasmin is a model and  a woman of many gifts, and her words are motivating. 

What are some things you’ve struggled with as a child that’s molded the person you are today? 

One thing I really struggled with as a child was I had really big eyebrows growing up. People used to make fun of me for my eyebrows. They would call me werewolf eyebrows and tell me I looked like a boy. I would always try to cut them down and make them really skinny. Now a big eyebrows are a thing. That just went to show me that the moment you start to accept the things about yourself you formerly wish you could have changed is the moment the world will look at you differently. The moment you accept your flaws or your quirky things it gives the people around you the courage to go the same thing and now I own it! Whatever that may be about myself. I understand that self acceptance is a journey but there’s never a better place and a better time to start then right here and right now. So shout out to the girl out there who had big eyebrows and pioneered owning it for the rest of us much love ! & super shout out to all girls owning it whatever that may be !  

When did your love for beauty, fashion, and photography start?  

I’ve always been a lover of arts. As a child I loved the stars and was really into the moon. The sky was somehow this big blank canvas for me and the stars all told a beautiful story. The moon was their mother, or father ..depending on the night for me. She always spoke to me in the most beautiful way. And I went on that way in nature loving the trees and finding beauty and art in all things strange and obscure for a child to love on their own. So then I evolved from daydreaming about things that didn’t have their own story and I got really into reading. Whatever I was into I made sure my mom bought me the whole series or every book by the author especially goosebumps ! Reading was the second tier of my daydreaming love. Then a few years passed and when I was a little older I started writing my own stories which was the third tier. Then the stories turned into poems which was the fourth tier of my daydreaming love. This was the door I walked through from learning about my own imagination to molding the expression and imagination of myself. Once I had gotten to a point of emptiness with my writing and decided I wanted a different way to express myself…or imagine myself. I told my mom I wanted to model. So once I discovered the tip of my “imagination ” iceberg it was then I fell in love with modeling .  

You’re really optimistic, full of life, and a social butterfly. What experiences shaped you this way? All my life I’ve had friends from all walks of life and all cultures and ethnic backgrounds . I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people and I love to travel. I have this deep desire to understand the world around me especially its people. I just figure the more people I can meet and know the more I can understand. Through my journey of meeting people I take care to be extra kind and overly sensitive and understanding so that when times get funky …because they always do. They can’t say the world is full of shitty people, but that the world has a lot of shitty people but there are a lot of good people too …like Jasmin….Jasmin was such a sweetheart and she was smart and strong. When things got funky for her she always mostly saw the good. If you want to impact the world you really just have to start one person at a time.  

What insecurities have you overcame and what advice do you have for our audience? 

So I used to date this guy and I allowed him to put me down a lot . He would call me ugly he would call me stupid tell me I couldn’t do certain things just all kinds of craziness and I would believe him. I would start to think well maybe I am stupid maybe I am ugly maybe I don’t know anything and it was a very hard time for me because even after we broke up I found myself thinking oh I’m being too nice I’m obviously stupid or I’m not pretty enough to do that and all this other craziness. The best advice I can give to our audience is it is so essential to your growth to believe that you’re always enough. Smart enough. Brave enough. Good enough. You have to believe it. I had come from a broken home dad had walked out on me, my sisters, and my mom. As a young girl it gave me a lot of insecurities. So I let some loser give me broken love in my broken state. You have to love your own insecurities right out of yourself ..imagine your perfect woman and do your best to be that woman . Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t undervalue yourself ever. If someone or something is putting you down and you accept it first acknowledge the part you’re playing by allowing this person or thing to do so. Kick it to the curb cause you don’t need that stress in your life, and then really get to the bottom of why you allowed this person or circumstance into your life. Learn what areas you need to love yourself in and then divide & conquer that insecurity ! You go girl !  

What are your life goals? What do you want to say you’ve accomplished at the end of the day? 

My life goal is to become the greatest and most beautiful version of myself inside and out. I want to positively and gracefully impact those around me. I want my friends, family , and supporters to say if Jasmin could do it so can I. I want to strike fearlessness and self love in the hearts of the people around me. I am a business woman and a model, but before either of those I’m a wonderful human being and at the end of the day if I’ve created spiritual, emotional or physical opportunity for the next person then I’ve succeeded. At the end of the day I want to be an opportunity maker & it may add selfishness but truly it’s the only way to grow ❤️ 

Super powerful and encouraging words Jasmin! To check out Jasmin’s work visit her on Instagram @ JasminB.Official (photo credit: Jared Pierson)