It’s a new month, so what a better way to start off with an amazing interview from Crystal.

It’s a new month, so what a better way to start off with an amazing interview from Crystal. Crystal has a vlog called “Crystal’s Diary” where she connects and relate with people around the world and share her love for Christ. Check out Crystal story to see what are her passions in life.

How was your childhood?

Overall, I had a great childhood, like any other person, it had its ups and downs. My parents are foreigners so I grew up watching them work hard, which is what inspires my work ethic today. I’ve watched my parents struggle to make ends meet and sacrifice things all for the sake of their children, it would only be right to give it all back and help where I can. They came to America at a young age and worked hard to make sure their kids had everything they needed to excel in life, so I really do not have an excuse to settle for less. Coming from a home parented by hardworking, successful and prayerful parents, helped mold me into the person that I am today. 

Were there any particular events that helped define who you are today?

Being bullied at school caused me to be a very troublesome child. After being bullied, I would come home and cause trouble any and everywhere in my house. My family probably thought I was some devil child. I did not know how to communicate that I was being bullied, so I bottled it all up. Consistent bullying destroyed my self-esteem and I had to learn to love myself. In a world that is continuously pointing out your flaws, I had to eventually understand that I was fearfully and wonderfully made. Going to school in Nigeria from 8th-12th grade (JS2 - SS3) really brought out the leadership trait in me; I found my voice in Nigeria. I became more outspoken and realized that I was not “ugly” after all. Nigeria pushed me in the direction that I needed academically, culturally, emotionally and mentally. I’m thankful for my motherland.

What inspires you? What are you driven by?

I’m driven by my hardworking parents and the purpose God has given me. I define success by the amount of people I can give hope to or encourage. With Christ, there’s always hope. I know this firsthand and I’m grateful to say that I always come out of any hardship better than I came into it. I’m driven by the thought of how many people are lost in the world and need someone to talk to. Some people just need a listening ear and a glimpse of God’s grace and power could change their situation. I want to be that light.

I see that you are a vlogger, what do you mostly vlog about?

Yes, I am! “Crystals Diary,” as the name entails, is a collection of things I enjoy doing. I use it as a medium to connect and relate with people around the world and to share parts of my life. I also want people to know that they are not alone in whatever struggle they are facing; I have always loved encouraging people!  I enjoy sharing lifestyle, hair tips, travel vlogs, get ready with me tags and a variety of other things. Most importantly, I love sharing Christ. My channel is pretty much Christ based; everything else branches from it because without Jesus, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. I also want young believers to see that you don’t have to wait until you are older to live for Christ. It is so worth doing it now.

You have a love for Christ, how important is it for you to have that relationship?

Man…it is important because without Christ I am literally nothing. I fully gave my life to Christ at the age of 20 and it is the best decision I have made so far. A perfect God chose an imperfect me and I couldn’t be more grateful. Even though I may fall short, I strive to keep that relationship with Him strong because the last thing I would want to do is become disconnected from Christ. A lot of people fail to understand that living for Christ is honestly better than living for the world. It’s almost like the love of Christ fills you up and you have hope, a purpose and something to truly live for. I pray many people eventually realize this and reconsider the direction of their life.

What are your ultimate goals? What do you have planned for your future?

My ultimate goal is to be exactly who God has called me to be and to spend eternity with Him. I feel myself slowly transforming into that person by the desires and visions He has been giving me. Plans for the near future would be to continue pursuing my degree in Psychology and by God’s grace obtain my PhD to become a therapist. Another dream of mine is to become a talk show host. I am way too much of a character and I love talking and engaging in conversations with others. I really admire shows formatted like “The Real” and “The View,” where they discuss diverse topics based on what’s happening around the world. All I can do is plan and God does the establishing, if it is in His will for me. God willing, I plan to become an author and participate in different events as a speaker. This Fall, I plan to launch a huge project! To keep up with future activities, subscribe to my channel or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. 

To learn more about Crystal, follow her on Twitter @MiAmourCrystal.