We spoke with Aliesha who is a writer, poet, and an inspiring model.

We spoke with Aliesha who is a writer, poet, and an inspiring model. She opened up about her insecurities and how she overcame them. She definitely has some goals in the future that we are excited about. We can’t wait till she accomplishes them. Her story is truly interesting, so check it out!

When did you pick up your first pen for your very first piece? What do you mostly write about?

I first picked up my pen in high school. I took a creative writing class. The class was actually recommended to me after I took honors literature my freshman year, and I just found myself. It was the only thing I had ever found to let out the pain and secrets I had inside of me. And I mostly write about myself/life and things I’ve encountered dealing with others. It’s mainly from somewhere deep inside of me. I just have so many thoughts inside me that I can never speak on, so I just turn to writing.

You’re also a model? Do you work for an agency or do you consider yourself a freelance model?

Yes I am an aspiring model! I just signed to a start up label, Risky Livin Records, and that’s who I work for and get all my events booked through.

Were there and insecurities you may have struggled with growing up? If so, how did this affect you and how have you handled it? Do you have any advice for someone with similar insecurities?

Goodness, I have had a lot of insecurities. I struggled with self love the hardest, because I was constantly teased for my lisp and how I looked everyday. Growing up, kids were cruel. Because really my lisp wasn’t all I struggled with: I had acne in middle school and it was terrible. I used to cry everyday while I got ready for school because I hated school so much. I would go to school and hear how bad my lisp was, how I sounded like daffy duck or Sylvester, how my skin was disgusting, how my skinny body was funny, how I was ugly and would never amount to anything. I went to high school for theatre and my teacher wouldn’t cast me for anything because of my lisp. By the time my senior year hit I was so depressed I didn’t want to do theatre anymore or model, which was something I’d dreamed of for years. I always wanted to be in front of the camera, but because all I’d heard was people telling me I wasn’t pretty enough, tall enough, exotic enough for it, I lost faith in myself. My own theatre teacher told me I’d never become a model because I was too average, too plain and that nothing about me stood out and grabbed people’s attention. 

It made me more motivated to become better. It took my writing to a new level, because it was so close to my heart that I could put so much real emotion and pain into it. And once I started to grow into my looks and start to finally begin to love my face and body, because to be honest I still battle with insecurities and depression to this day. But I found my outlet: writing. I’ve turned my pain into something to help people like me. Girls and boys who are struggling to see the beauty they possess. The broken ones who feel alone. I use it as a way to say, you are not alone. Someday it will get better. I just want to tell the girls with the unconventional beauty: don’t let the words get you down. The people, who aim to hurt you, are hurting inside. Instead of letting it affect you, pray for them – because they are hurting far more than you’d imagine.

What do you have planned for your future, as far as writing, modeling and just in general?

I want to eventually publish a book of my poetry with a photo series to go with it. Like pictures to represent the meanings of each piece. As for modeling, really I’m not sure. Wherever God takes me, I guess. I want to go far with it though. But my real plans? I want to become a journalist – either in crime or entertainment. And once I start to build myself, I want to open a group home for abused foster kids. I want to buy a whole apartment complex and turn it into dorms with girls on one end and boys on the other, and have counselor there to help the kids, All of the counselors will be former foster kids who survived abuse, because nobody understands us like we understand each other.

On unmaskedbeautandpain.wordpress.com, what can we find? Is there anything behind the name?

On my blog you can find a peek into me, the real me, not the me I show people every day. My blog reveals me; raw and unedited. You’ll find so much beauty and pain and darkness…but light. Light and hope. I hope that my words reach others like me and help them grow and become stronger and learn to love and embrace their flaws. I hope that my blog will inspire others to open up and stop holding the pain in. And the meaning behind the name is simple. It’s me finally taking of my mask and showing the pain that went into building this beauty.

To learn more about Aliesha, contact her on IG @lovely.liesha !