We spoke with the beautiful and talented Cynthia

We spoke with the beautiful and talented Cynthia, who is a model and has aspirations of hosting entertainment news full time. After reading her story, we definitely believe her future is a bright one, check it out!

How was your childhood growing up?

My childhood growing up, I like to say, was All-American with a twist. Just like most children growing up in the suburbs I played outside with friends and just enjoyed life. My mom was a single parent and raised my brother, my sister and me. Although, my household was a single income household, my mother never let me know we were struggling; she wanted the best for her kids because she was from a very poor part of Jamaica. I didn’t have everything, but I still felt I was on the same level of my friends who had two parents.

Growing up, I let my imagination run wild, and I loved watching talk shows and entertainment news shows. I had to be the only child who stayed up to watch Jackie Reid on BET Nightly News or even ET Tonight. I’ve always loved news and celebrity gossip, even before I could fully understand what the hosts were really talking about when it came to celebrities’ relationship drama. Something about how glamorous the women looked and how smart they sounded attracted me.

Were there any obstacles growing up that could have prevented you from getting to where you are today? 

Obstacles? Well as a model, weight and self-esteem can be an obstacle. Growing up as a child I was on the chubbier side, so I can say I’m always really self-conscious about my weight. I am on the smaller end but my body is definitely curvy so I always have to keep my weight in check because it’s been the reason why I haven’t booked jobs in the past.

Did you struggle with any insecurities?

I think the only insecurity was my weight; I try to tell myself modeling doesn’t have to be the end goal, and that also loving my body with the curves is ok too. I think with weight and body perception, so many women are thinking they have to look a certain way and feel that if they actually accept and love their body it’s weird or vain. In all my life I have never heard a woman say, “I love my body,” we are always trying to change something. With that being said, I’m always trying to lose some weight but then half way through I always remember my body is mine and it’s beautiful. I also want to stay the same so the industry can make room for me rather than me killing myself to become known in the industry.

How did you get into modeling? How do you like being a model host?

Funny story, when I first moved to New York I was all about getting a internship/job in radio or on TV. I love news. Of course, as always in the concrete jungle, things don’t always go in your favor. When I got to NYC all my interviews fell through and I was really down on myself. A friend of mine asked me to go with them to a casting of BET’s “Rip the Runway.” I went and was booked that day and the rest was history. Since then an agency that serves East Coast, West Coast, and Europe has picked me up. In regards to model hosting, I actually went to school for Converged Broadcast Journalism. When I’m not modeling I still love to watch the news and keep up with celebrity gossip, that’s why I decided to start the Gold Room Podcast—which can be found on iTunes and Soundcloud. I know for sure I’m the only one who knows about a ton of pointless celebrity facts.

What do you have planned for your future? What are your ultimate goals?

My future goals would definitely be hosting entertainment news full time. I want to produce and star in my own show. I love the production aspect, so even if I’m not the host I love to work behind the scenes as well. I love entertainment news and production so much! Modeling will probably still be in my future, but not as prominent as news hosting.

To contact Cynthia, follow her IG @cynthiagitonga!