We had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Nishtha

We had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Nishtha, who has a passion for poetry and art. Her compassion for helping children with autism inspired us. Nishtha is such a positive being that we hope her story inspires you just as much as it inspired us.

Where are you from? How was your childhood?

My name is Nishtha, I’m 19 and I live in India. I was the first child in my family, therefore I was a very celebrated kid but things were not always perfect in my family. I’ve seen so much in this small life span, it’s crazy but so much more is yet to come!

How important is it for you complete school? How did you get into architecture?

Completing school is not my goal. I just crave learning! I want to learn something new, each and every day and that is how I ended up in architecture. It perfectly describes my love for art, history, technology, and love. My work is love made visible. 

At the end of the day, I want to complete school and start learning to become self-dependent and support my family. 

When did your love for poetry and art occur? What do you mostly write about?

I have loved art and poetry since forever. It was instilled in me from my parents, and my grandparents as well. My grandfather gives me books each time I visit him. Art and poetry are my own calling. They fetch my soul. They fill me, from the inside. I talk to them about things I think no one would understand. 

I recognized myself as I writer in middle school, my teacher gave us a poetry assignment and she thought I did well in the end. Ever since then  I never stopped writing. I write daily. I mostly write about love and thoughtfulness. I’m not naive but I want to believe that love is the sole reason of our existence in this universe. Love is such a beautiful thing. 

When did you start helping kids with autism? How did it become something that you love to do?

I once took my friend and her younger brother, who is autistic, to a child psychologist. I don’t know how, but after that conversation the doctor gave me her card and asked me to assist her in the hospital. I received permission from my parents and started working there on weekends when school was out. My very first day, I was very scared but then I saw that there were 3 more people there to assist her and they were all women older to me. They helped me in the beginning to get along with the kids and I’ve loved being with them since. I had to quit going to the hospital a year ago because I wanted to start my courses in architecture, which is a very time consuming. I still wanted to do something for the kids as well so I began tutoring them in my home after my classes in the evening. I have 6 such children who come to me every day and they’re my life now. I cannot imagine even a day without seeing them. 

What are your plans in the future? What’s your ultimate goal?

I don’t know, I don’t have any such plans for the future. I live life one day at a time. One thing I wish to do is keep spreading love, no matter what happens, irrespective of where I go because that is one thing the world is always going to need. 

To learn more about Nishtha, contact her on IG @N.i.s.h.t.h.a