We had the pleasure of speaking with Ortavia.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Ortavia. She is a creative at heart and an empowering woman. Even though she is a full-time Nuclear Medicine Technologist, her love for poetry never goes unnoticed. She is an awesome writer and poet. Her passions and goals in life definitely inspired the Pink Prods family. Check out her story!

How was your childhood?

I had a wonderful childhood. My brother and I used to go to the botanical gardens in Brooklyn, NY – where I was born and raised – every weekend with our father. My father also used to gather all the children in the neighborhood and take us to the park or bike riding. I believe that is where I get my love for the youth. My mom was the nurturer and the strict one who made sure our grades were on point so we could excel in school, I believe she is where I got my “no nonsense” attitude when it comes to the students I tutor. She also made sure we never lacked what we needed and most of what we wanted. We would spend summers down south with our great grandmother who will be 100 years old this year. To add more joy to our lives, my parents had my baby sister, when I was 7, allowing us to create even more memories. So overall I would say my childhood was nothing short of terrific. 

Poetry, are you a writer?

I am a Writer of poetry, slogans, and quotes. I have written 2 books of poetry, one in 2005 and the other in 2009.

When did you decide to work for yourself and why?

Although I am still employed full-time as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, I started a business in 2013 to showcase my poetry. When I realized people weren’t reading my poetry as much I didn’t want my gift to go unheard, unseen, or become obsolete. There was still a message to get out. I decided to start with the apparel line, with a quote that I have in one of my poems just to capture the attention of others. That is where it began.

How did you get into design? Or was it just for the purpose of your website lifebywisdom?

I am not into “fashion” design! My motto is “We make STATEMENTS, WEAR-ever we go!” The statement I am referring to is not a fashionstatement but a conscious, mind-stimulating, positive statement which may translate into people seeing the DESIGNers Original that they are, whether clothed in the hottest trendy fashions or not.

Why do you think it’s necessary to connect with others the message you’re sharing?

I believe it is necessary to share my message with others; it is one of my God-given GIFTS and I believe He gives us gifts in order to share them with others like giving others a PRESENT. Also I believe it is important to share my message because it is positive, thought provoking, knowledge filled, and purpose-FULL.

What are you ultimate goals?

My ultimate goals are to start a publication company for youth writers, to continue to impact the masses through positive words of wisdom, and to build a center that will have all resources necessary for the growth of successful young people. I aspire for the center to include education, fun, wellness, and more. 

To contact Ortavia, follow her on IG @lifebywisdom, also visit her website www.lifebywisdom.com To be featured, contact us at pinkprods.com