It was a pleasure speaking with model Victoria!

It was a pleasure speaking with model Victoria! She has a lot in store for her future and she can’t wait. Let’s watch Victoria give life!

How was your childhood?

I grew up in Houston, with my older brother Joshua, and my mom. My childhood was not the best, but I never went without anything. My mom always made sure I had the best of everything even though it might have meant that she went without certain things. We were all we had, but of course I had extra love from my dad. Although my parents were not together, I still had my father who I love so very much. My mother has told me all my life that I was going to be a star, and now all I’m trying to do is make her proud! 

Have you struggled with any insecurities?

Every woman has some type of insecurities. I say that to say, yes I have overcome insecurities, such as my singing. I used to be scared that people would not like my voice even though I knew that my voice was beautiful. I’ve been singing since I was 6. Growing up, I heard many people say that I was very talented, but still one person’s disapproval would crush me. I had to learn to be confident in anything I do, whether it’s singing, modeling, anything. Overall I had to learn to just believe in myself. I’ve now grown to understand that everyone will not like what you do or how you do it. If you know you’re getting to the top it doesn’t matter which ladder you climb, just as long as you get there! 

How did you get into modeling?

Honestly I just jumped into modeling because I knew that I was beautiful and I knew that girls out there needed a beautiful face that could motivate them to keep chasing their dreams. I wanted to inspire girls that it could be them. Modeling was something that I watched my closest friends do and soon realized it was something that I also could do. Modeling is an art that is full of life and fun honestly, you just have to step outside of your box! 

What are you doing now, as in work, your life and etc.?

At this point in my life now I am always on the move. I am a student, I have a part-time job and I’m also working on a major project called the Juice Box with my friends Christi and Shay. It is a recorded talk show that we are doing and ultimately you are getting the “Juice” from it. Now by “Juice” I mean “Tea,” “Hacks for Hotties,” advice, and guest appearances from artists and designers! We are going to have callers, call in and give us their opinion. So all in all, it is a recorded talk show with no rules! But my main focus is my broadcasting career. I want to build a great foundation and platform for me to grow in my craft I want to not only be on-air, but also behind the scenes, editing and putting projects together. 

What are your ultimate goals, what do you have?

My ultimate goal in life is to be an on-air radio personality for my own station. I want people to turn their radio to my station because something I say makes their day; I just want to help give people another reason to enjoy their life everyday! I have great people around me who are chasing their dreams, which only motivates me to chase mine. There are many things that I want to get accomplished in my life but right now I have to take it day by day, project by project, and shoot by shoot until I get there!