We spoke with Jola who is a poet and a woman of compassion.

We spoke with Jola who is a poet and a woman of compassion. She shared with us her inspirations and her outlook on life. 

Did you face any obstacles or insecurities in your childhood? If so, how did you overcome them? 

One of the biggest obstacles I faced in my childhood was losing my mother at the age of 4. It became my storyline, and anchor, and one of the most defining factors that played a big role in my life. I only overcame this obstacle because I learned to live without her. I was also very insecure about my appearance when I was younger. I think I overcame that insecurity over time because sooner or later you realize: “my black is beautiful.”

What inspires you? What are you driven by?

Everything! More specifically, people. My friends, my family, teachers, coworkers, people I don’t even know, inspire me. It’s a beautiful thing when you see others doing beautiful things and that is my biggest inspiration. I am driven by two things: my father, because he is the person I have known the longest and he believes in continuous growth and learning; and the youth of our generation, they are the defining factor of what our world can truly become.

You are a poet so what inspires your poetry? When did you start writing?

As a girl, I am emotional. I actually think I’m more emotional than the most emotional girl. I say all this to say, my emotions inspire my poetry. I write how I feel. Half the time I don’t care if it rhymes, I just need my thoughts on paper so I can make sense of them. I started writing when I was about 7 years old. I have always loved to read so reading and writing went hand in hand for me.

What is one quote that you live by?

“As long as you have a gift or a talent, you have something to give. And as long as you have something to give, you can make a difference.”

What do you have planned for the future?

I want to make an impact in the classroom. I have my undergraduate degree in Finance but I believe one of the best places to make a difference is the classroom. So that’s where I’ll be, making a difference and inspiring lives. 

To learn more about Jola, follow her @_LoveJola.