We enjoyed speaking with Elizabeth

We enjoyed speaking with Elizabeth, she is currently in Dubai. How exciting?! She shares with us how hard working parents can help mold your life. 

How was your childhood?

My childhood, from the very beginning, we didn’t really have a relationship with my mom! My sisters and I had a relationship with her, but we we’re closer to my dad. My mom was working so much that my dad was taking care of duties that you think your mom should do. So by default, I was closer to my dad as a child. My dad did everything, he took us to the park and things of that nature. Even when it came to school he was there. It wasn’t until I got to college that I started building a relationship with my mom. Like a real relationship to where I tell my mom everything.

Do you think that, if she was more involved that your life could have been any better? As far as her working less?

Yes! I think it had a lot to do with my troubled youth. I felt like with my mom not being there, I always had a void. I thought I was a woman when I was a child but I really wasn’t. I never knew what it felt like to have a mother! I never knew what it felt like to have your mom just sit there and talk about boys. My mom would just be like, no you can’t have a boyfriend. But she never explained why. So I would do it anyways, because if I don’t know why. Why cant I do it? We just never had that relationship when I was a child. But now I feel like my relationship is better than ever. It took my older sister to move out the house. We had to leave to school for my mom to realize. She went crazy! She would literally call us every single day. Us leaving helped us get a bond with my mom. So when we moved back, it was almost like “you never know what you have until its gone.” Now we pray together! My mom helped me with my relationship with God. We go out together, we do my mom’s make up, we finally have that relationship with her. She is more outgoing. We were the missing piece she forgot about in her life.

Were there any insecurities you ever struggled with?

Of course, we all have battles with insecurities! As a child, I was happy. I didn’t have any insecurities. As I started getting older, I began to feel like I was too skinny. I thought I wouldn’t be excepted, because I didn’t have a body. I had nothing! I was just skinny. People would say “oh you’re really pretty, and you’re skinny,” I never felt good about it. Society accepts skinny girls, but lets be realistic guys don’t. Guys want thicker girls. Why cant I be like them? I never understood it, I just thought it wasn’t fair. It took me finding Christ to be happy with who I am, and to be happy with my size. I feel like if God loves me then nothing else matters! I don’t need the acceptance from a man. I’m not just completely over it, but happy with how I am.

Tell us about your blog, “Classically Acclaimed”?

Yes. I just started my blog. I put it on hold, so that I can write about my experience in Dubai. My blog is going to be about my life, my testimonies, my experiences, my social life and my friends. Its not just about me, it’s about the things in my life and the things in my friends’ lives as well.

What are you trying to accomplish now?

Im really focusing on school. Im trying to get in Nursing school and with the grace of God I will. I have literally been busting my ass! Also, I have my first real job working 44 hours a week. Things are really shifting and changing. God is showing me things that I never thought I’d be doing. I just want to become a Nurse. I just want to be secure. You can’t depend on anyone. I just want to finish school and continue following my dreams.


“Timing is the best time, and when its right you’ll know it. Don’t rush!”

To learn more about Elizabeth, contact her on IG @Elizabeth.Nkechi!