Very excited to share a special interview from Houston’s very own, Nina.


Very excited to share a special interview from Houston’s very own, Nina. Nina is a DJ from Nigeria, but DJ’s here in Houston. She is one of the most diverse DJ’s we’ve come across. Read her interview to see how she’s overcome challenges, being a female DJ.

Tell me about yourself (The good the bad and the ugly).

About myself, the good? I think I’m a nice person, I’m a pretty cool and accepting person. I don’t know, my friends mostly know the good about me. I’m funny!! At least I think. The bad? I’m pretty nut, not like a crazy girl but more so a wild one. I think sometimes I have to tone down the wild a bit , so it makes sense to others. I don’t tone down for myself. I can get a bit lazy, I can’t really think of that much bad.

How long have you been interested in music? When did you become a DJ? 

I’ve been interested in music my whole life. Music has been the only constant in my life. It’s all I’ve ever really had that helped explain who I am as a person. I became a DJ around September 2013. 

How was that process for you, did you go through any judgment, being a female who is interested in making music? If so, how’d you push through the criticism?

Becoming a female dj has both its cons and pros. Guys tend to want to book you because you’re cute or because they want you at their party. So it’s like they booked you solely based on looks so more bookings but the thing is, I’m actually talented! Then you have the ones who hear you dj’ing and just want to support you because you’re a woman actually hustling and using your talent. They love it! You have the ones that book you and are nervous cause you’re a woman and women don’t normally have “good taste in music” right? (airheads). The ones that annoy me the most (Nigerians would better understand) are the ones that have this look…this evil “ewww why is she dj’ing? That’s a guy job, she must be slut” look on their face. Those are the ones encourage me a lot though. I had my days where I wanted to quit, so many times I’ve wanted to quit but my friends are a HUGE reason I’m still here. The support is AMAZING! I never knew my friends believed in way the way they do and I’m grateful for them. Prayer definitely. That thing there keeps me SANE! God keeps me sane! Also a major reason I keep on is because I found my voice through this. It’s the only way I know how to get my message across is through this and I think getting my message across motivates me. I have to teach these guys a thing or two. God told me to teach ya’ll some things. 

Who do you idol/ look up to? What’s your favorite genre of music? 

My idols in general? Anyone who is bold enough to speak what’s sensible and not what’s accepted. The closest person to that, for me, as a DJ is definitely Venus X. Queen woman, spread them words honey, enlighten these youths. I have no favorite genre of music. I hate that question. I just love music, no favorites. If it’s a good song then it’s a good song.

What would you say to females who inspire to become a dj who are afraid to pursue that career ?

To any female trying to pursue this career, or any career that isn’t welcoming to women, I say just do the thing man! Set the fear aside, set the haters aside and DO THAT! Prove them wrong girl, let the men wait, get to your craft and get to these coins "womyn” (woman), get yourself to some success!

We absolutely love Nina and we wish her the best on all of her success. To check out her work, visit her on Instagram @ NinaRatedX. To be featured, contact us,!

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