We spoke with the talented Ashley who is an artist.


We spoke with the talented Ashley who is an artist. Her pieces definitely sparked an interest in the Pink Prods team. Ashley also hopes to open an art studio where she will teach paint classes. We are excited to know whats next for Ashley future so check out her story!

What has molded you into the person you are today?

What molded me into the person I am today, relies heavily on my family. My family has been the number one supporter in all that I do. I am really close to my mom, whom happens to be my number one fan.

What inspires you? What are you driven by?

Life experiences inspire me — and the world around me. I am a people-watcher. I observe everything around me. I love to paint normal things, people, and figures and transform them into something colorful on canvas. The appreciation from my fans drive me to want to paint more and go harder.

How did you become such a great artist? Did you take any classes?

It’s crazy, because I don’t consider myself a great artist. I am my biggest critic and I see flaws in everything I paint. I am flattered that people take my work seriously and invest in me. I am so thankful to have gained so many followers, fans, and collectors of my work over the past 2 years. I am self taught, and still learning to this day. I challenge myself everyday to paint and draw something new.

What is a typical day for you while you’re painting?

A typical day of painting for me consists of setting the tone for my space. For example, I have to put on some music to get the vibes going, like Robert Glasper, or The Internet. Then I lay out my canvasses and just go in. I can never paint just one piece a day. I literally will lay out 3 canvasses and paint them all at once.

What do you have planned for your future as an artist?

I see myself owning a really dope art studio, where I teach paint classes (byob style), with dope music, live performers, spoken word, and the works! I have a vision that I hope to bring forth soon! Ultimately as an artist, I just want my work to be known for greatness and positivity.

To contact Ashley, contact her on IG @pinklomein.