We’re excited to bring in March, with Houston’s own Nneka!

We’re excited to bring in March, with Houston’s own Nneka! She’s an amazing model and an upcoming actress. She reminds us of the importance of laughing things off, even when people offend us. 

How was your childhood?

Growing up with my dad, my childhood was very strict, I didn’t have that much fun! Therefore, I’m having my fun now!

We’re there any insecurities you may have struggled with?

Yes! Actually and I’m still struggling with it. I stutter a lot. It was always hard for me to speak up for myself, because I was afraid people would laugh at the way I spoke. People don’t understand how it feels to be made fun of because of something that you have no control over. I’ve learned to just laugh it off, because it doesn’t affect me as much anymore.

You’re a model, how did you get into modeling?

A colleague of mine “ AdeWEST ” actually helped me with modeling. We randomly did a photoshoot this one time and the pictures went viral! Ever since then my modeling career has been booming. Tumblr and Instagram also helped out in many ways.

What do you have planned as far as modeling in your near future?

As far as modeling, it will always still be there. But for now I’m acting more than I am modeling. I have 3 upcoming series and movies. I plan on doing a lot of networking this year so you guys watch out!

I also hear you’re a positive leader in your community, how did you get that recognition?

People just like me for being myself. I guess my personality attracts people.