It was a pleasure speaking with Fashion Model, Shaylan Simon.

It was a pleasure speaking with Fashion Model, Shaylan Simon. She is a very determined woman, working hard to accomplish her dreams. With faith, consistency and the right drive she will be there in no time!

How was your childhood growing up?

I’m a Port Arthur girl who enjoyed an awesome childhood surrounded by lots of family and friends. We relocated to the Houston area about three years ago so that my mother could have more opportunities to grow professionally. We now know that God had a different plan. Our move was not intended to better her career, but rather to allow me the chance to start mine!

Are there any insecurities you’re dealing with it or have dealt with in the past?

I can’t identify one specific thing about myself that I’m not pleased with. As a matter of fact, I think I’m pretty dang cute! I’m completely satisfied with my physical appearance and my intellectual abilities. On top of all of that, I’m growing more spiritually with each passing day. Life is good and I’m more than happy with who I was created to be!

How did you get into modeling?

I think I was destined to model. I’ve always had a ridiculously strong desire to be in the industry and I can’t even count the number of people who have expressed opinions,that were in agreement with that dream. So I had lots on intrinsic and extrinsic influences that culminated in launching my modeling career, which is going to be HUGE. This is only the beginning. I’m sure of it. God has BIG plans in store for this little PA chic!

What are you doing now, as in work, your life and etc?

Right now I’m simply trying to get as much experience & exposure as I possibly can. I have to be ready for my BIG break because it is surely on the way. The hard part is to differentiate between those opportunities that will help my career as opposed to those that could limit my progress. It is my desire to be a high fashion model. I plan to walk the runways of Paris and be featured in the hottest publications! Anything that is not in alignment with my goal can only hinder my growth. In other words, even at this level of the game and considering how badly I want to succeed, I still say NO to opportunities that don’t fit my personal vision.

What are your ultimate goals, what do you have planned for your future?

My ultimate goal…hmm… I want to be the BEST in the game. It’s that simple which is actually not simple at all. Keep this interview on file. It’s going to be worth a whole lot one day soon!

To learn more about Shaylan, follow her on IG @_shayrenee!