We had the pleasure of speaking with “The life of the party,” Kenya Hadnot!

We had the pleasure of speaking with “The life of the party,” Kenya Hadnot! Kenya is very determined entrepreneur and artist in the Houston community and is certainly on the right path to accomplish her goals.

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Kenya Hadnot and I will be 25 in May! I’m an entrepreneur, an artist, and I want to be a billionaire and a star!

I know that you graduated from college, how important was it to you to receive your undergraduate degree and what did you study?

I went to Texas A&M and I enjoyed my college experience beyond what I can make anybody understand. I was a turn up queen and I rebelled against the social norm so my place in the black community helped prepare me for everything I’m doing now. The world loves to judge the outspoken. I studied Business Marketing and minored in Creative Studies. Both of these have proven to be very beneficial to me as I started my businesses post-graduation.

Speaking of businesses, 1st ladies bar? How did you come up with such great idea?

My business partner and I took marketing classes together in college and we spent lots of time brainstorming over our turn up. We knew we were the Walking Party as I danced and got everyone hyped up and she knew how to make sure everyone was having a great time, so we knew we could make money in the nightlife and entertainment industries somehow. We eventually came up with 1st Ladies Bar, which is actually just a stepping stone, and a tiny portion of our original business idea, which we still plan to execute.“

How did you get into art? As an artist, what are you working on now?

I’ve been doing art since childhood. My brother, uncle, and I competed over drawings and sketches and I of course, always thought my art looked best. Every holiday, family bought me sketchbooks, journals, diaries, and scrapbooks. I expressed myself through my drawings and I ended up starting an art club in college called Artistic Expressions. Those gifts also led me to write poetry and songs at a young age as well. I created songs all the way up until middle school and didn’t pick it back up until I got to college. I am currently working on finishing up my first mixtape which has been in the works since undergrad, as well as filling up the pages to my website, KenyaHadnot.com, from visual art and graphic design, modeling, articles, dance videos, and of course my music. My music project will be called Khronikles, as I tell my story and talk about life’s concepts from my perspective.

What do you have planned for the future? What should we expect?

I have HUGE plans for the future! Other than my personal music project, 1st Ladies Bar has a weekly promotional gig called VOGUE Thursday’s at Mosaic Bar & Lounge for the young entrepreneurs and professionals to come Step Out, Network, and Unwind, and PPL PXRTY - our parent company which focuses on uniting the artistic and entrepreneurial communities - has a once a month gig at Zanzibar every last Wednesday to highlight upcoming Houston artists. We are releasing our compilation mixtape consisting of over 20 local artists on Feb. 24 and will be promoting the music all month as we accept new music submissions. The PPL PXRTY Weekend is also coming up this June, and 1st Ladies Bar has another weekly gig for the people this summer!

To stay updated and/ or contact Kenya, follow her on IG @KenyaRepublik @1stLadiesBar @PPLPXRTY!