Jalisa Jones is a woman of many talents and her work speaks for itself.

Jalisa Jones is extremely ambitious and she is working on her master’s degree! Check out her interview today and enjoy!

You’re a female filmmaker, radio personality, author/blogger, and an HBCU advocate. As a child, when did you realize your love for media and what made you decide to make it a career choice?

I always loved entertainment. When I was a young girl I used to perform everything. I would sing, dance and act. I was in productions. I was always the class orator for school assemblies. You could not get me out of the spotlight. Eventually I had to hone my crafts and focus on something specific that I could make my own. I was an alright singer and even better dancer, but I was best at just speaking to people. That was my gift. So I decided to find ways to showcase my talents.

What are some things you struggled with while trying to make it in the industry and how did you overcome them? 

I’m still struggling! I haven’t made it yet or at least not to me I haven’t. I have to get some big time credits and big name dollars to feel like I made it, but it is hard now to break in. How do I deal with it? I have support. A great group of friends and a mentor that push me and keep me grounded. My family has also always supported my dreams and goals. 

You have a degree, you intend on getting your master’s degree, and you’re an HBCU advocate. Did school play a big part in your household growing up? Why is school so important to you? 

School was such a big deal. My dad was young when I was born and didn’t go straight to college so I had the chance to see him graduate college when I was like nine. Going to college was never a question to me it was always what I’m supposed to do after high school. My family is big on HBCUs so I applied to 15 schools as a senior and went to the one that gave me the most scholarship money. I encourage the continuation and funding of black schools and I encourage every black college student to get the “HBCU experience.”

What are your current and future goals and how do you plan on accomplishing them?

I plan to graduate! That’s my first goal. This master’s degree will be done very soon. After that I need a job in radio, but I don’t believe in having my eggs in one basket. I want to push my book and my documentary, and do some touring and public speaking. 

What advice would you give to young girls reading your interview?

Be yourself. It sounds cliché, but that’s how I survive. God only made one you, and no matter what others say, you are supposed to be exactly who you are. People who genuinely care about you will accept you for who you are and people who don’t, won’t. You will never be too much for people who can’t get enough of you.

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