We spoke with the very spirited and talented Chelci.

We spoke with the very spirited and talented Chelci about the struggles of her past and how she has overcome them. 

I’d like to know about your childhood. What has molded you into the person you are today? 

“My childhood was absolutely amazing. I would never ask for a different one. I was absolutely blessed 1.) to be able to be a child and not have to endure any rough times or be exposed to tribulation my mother and father were going through. We moved from apartment to apartment when I was young. I never took any notice, because even though I did have to move schools and meet new people, it became natural. I’d venture to say that I thought that’s what everyone was doing, haha! Growing up I noticed that I’d seen all the Disney cartoons and animations, and my peers were talking about movies like "Brown Sugar” and “Love & Basketball”! That was their childhood. 2.) I was blessed to be born into what appeared to me to be a financially stable household. As a kid, all that really matters is that you feel safe and secure. I was blessed to not have to face reality so early. But my mom and dad always instilled in me the will to do great things so that I could live comfortably. I always knew that the things we like didn’t come easy and they still don’t. So my childhood taught me plenty of things. It taught me to savor my youth. I turned 18 on the 7th and I still don’t claim to be “grown”. I also learned that if you’re striving for something big hardwork & dedication will be 99.6% of the equation. I learned that the world uses things you’ve never seen to seduce you into doing things that you’ve never done. I was 8 years old when my dad made me hold the first 100 dollar bill that I had ever seen in my life. He told me to look at it and touch it so that no man could ever use that to make me feel special. He knew that that was a trap that many women fall into. I had already decided that I would be “better than boys” by then. Now I know that my competition in life is composed of so much more than just boys. So my childhood taught me to just be better period.“

What obstacles have you faced that have tried to keep you from where you are today?

"My obstacles are composed mainly of the situations I get myself into and the way I feel about myself. My entire era of adolescence was a story made up of a litany of unconventional plot twist and temporary thrills. I was extremely in touch with my sense of curiosity and I was exposed to porn at a young age. I started to enjoy it. You can find anything you want on YouTube, you know? So I would just click video after video and be absolutely hypnotized. My parents caught me a couple of times before I stopped. That loss in trust sent me into a deep sadness and frustration. I knew what I was doing was wrong. I knew that I knew because I did it privately. I purposefully tried to hide it from them. I deleted my history, my searches, everything. After that passed over and I forgot about it, I ran into another problem. Around the time that I was in the 7th grade, I got an iPod and found out about these group chats. Long story short grown men started taking interest me and I let them. I let a lot of things happen that I shouldn’t have. Everything I did then put a huge dent into my self-esteem. I hated myself…everything about me utterly disgusted me. I hated attention. I hated the whole male race for this sexually driven female. Even boys my age were pointing out how big my breasts were and how big my lips were and how much bigger my butt was compared to the girls around me. It made me feel like I didn’t matter aside from my body. I held on to that hate until about 2 or so years ago when my best friend came into my life and made me let it go…she managed to distract me for so long that I started to forget about it. She was also the main reason I started to actually search for God again and asking Him to reveal my purpose. But the devil doesn’t hibernate, you know? He’s on His job all day, every day, all year so I knew then, and I know now, that the true joy that comes with a solid relationship was and is going to require diligence. And now that I’ve been through a few storms I’m getting the hang of it…And, you know, I’m not waiting for them to come, but I am ready for when they do.”

You are a singer. What do you have planned for the future? 

“I honestly don’t have anything planned, musically. I’m going to continue to create new things and I will keep singing, but I’m more concerned about my academic future. I know that my music is going to have to take the backseat to college and my grades and things like that but I can’t ever forget about it. No way.”

Also what scholarships do you have waiting for you? 

“Giving honor to God, I am glad to say He has tremendously blessed me with the opportunity to attend both Sam Houston State and HBU. They are both awaiting my decision and not the other way around. HBU’s acceptance came with a $56,000 scholarship and recently, on my birthday actually, SHSU offered me the opportunity to be awarded the Terry Scholarship which would pay all of my college fees for my first 4 years. I know that this is only by the glory of God. I could never have fathomed anything like this happening to me and I’m just walking in His light and letting Him guide the way for me. I mean, that’s what I’ve been doing lately and look at what it’s done for me.”

VOTD: “You are the light for the whole world. A city built on top of a hill cannot be hidden,”

Matthew 5:14 CEVUS06

We loved speaking with Chelci, as she drenched the audience with her truth.