We spoke with the optimistic, risk-taker Megan Davis.

We spoke with the optimistic, risk-taker Megan Davis. Megan shared her truth, her past, and her future goals.

What obstacles have had an influence on your life growing up? What do you hope to accomplish?

“As a child, I never really knew what my purpose was in life but I knew there was something special inside that had an urge to come out. I have always been involved in extracurricular activities such as public speaking, cheerleading, and volleyball. Being the youngest daughter and having two (2) older sisters it was always important to be active and involved within my life. Growing up in the suburban areas all my life, I have been surround by wealth, love, and beauty. Those three elements have molded me to be the person who I am today. I did not want to have insecurities growing up as a child, not feeling pretty, lack of confidence, so I made sure that I felt beautiful on the inside and outside. As a child of God, I was always told no weapon formed against me shall prosper. In addition, I made sure that I would not allow anyone to make me feel less than. With love in my life from all aspects, I have learned that you must truly love yourself and be proud of everything that you do even your mistakes. Because even your mistakes mean you are trying. My parents have been married for 25 years and both had great jobs working for the city of Houston. They have been great providers and always made sure that I had everything I needed in order to be successful. I am grateful for the life they have shown and provided for me because it humbles me when I witness those who come from different backgrounds. I feel as though it’s not always the materialistic things that can make you happy but being experienced to the have the finer things in life definitely gives me motivation to work for the opportunities in life. Initially my college experience has been a roller coaster for me but if someone asked me would I do it all over again, I would answer yes. College was not the easiest for me but my mother told me in order to go further in life, you need a degree to back you up and I listened. I was honored to attend Xavier University of Louisiana from 2011-2013 majoring in Biology Pre-Med. As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a Pediatrician, but I really just help others in this world. After those two years, I realized there was another platform inside of me that was thirsty to get out. I felt like I needed to involve myself amongst the media. Being told all my life that my voice is unique and distinctive, that was all I needed to know that the people in this world would listen to me. After getting the experience at Mirabeau B. Lamar High School news channel, I was a part of Lamar Cable Television. It allowed me to be apart and hands on with a craft I found to love. I knew at that moment, this was my passion and the road to success. As a Sam Houston State University Bearkat, my major is Broadcast Production. Amongst all the hands on activities, I decided to try out for the local news channel at the University. Facing rejection, I did not allow that to stop me. I knew I needed to be active within my major and I decided to try the radio station. There was an immediate love at first sight when I did my first radio shift. I felt so comfortable and with a mentor showing me the ropes, I was ready to fly solo. As DJ KrazyKat for 90.5 KHSU, I will be returning on air for the spring semester. Being a part of the radio station, I hope to accomplish growth as an on-air personality, and gain more experience whether it is interviews or PSA’s. For my career, I hope to accomplish and become a TV host or News Anchor for any of the big networks in media. I want to be able to accomplish the No’s, you are not what we are looking for and become the Yes, you are exactly what we are looking for. I am looking forward to starting my own YouTube channel where it will feature beauty, style, and fashion. I want to use YouTube as a platform to illustrate and broadcast to the world who I am and what I have to offer.” 


 You are dating someone with the same interest and are on the radio at his school. It must be motivating for you! How does that work in your favor? 

“Yes, I am currently dating someone and in his major, he’s apart of multiple platforms at Texas Southern University. Within my craft, he has motivated and inspired me to do better. With him being a part of those platforms, it was one of the things that actually attracted me to him, because other than the common things you look for while dating a person, sharing a passion for the same work, is an automatic plus. Our conversations definitely consist of what we are working on, what is new for the future, and what we could do to better ourselves. I feel very grateful to have met him because he has pushed me to always do better and to never stop until goals are accomplished. As a couple, we are definitely hungry and thriving to better ourselves within the media. The support for one another is 100% as well as constructive criticism. I am always taking notes on how I can grow and expand with radio & media and with him being in my life, he adds value to that rather than take away. I absolutely believe that God places people in your life for a reason and to be dating a person who shares the same qualities and values in life, it is truly a blessing, and I do not take it for granted. Even though we are still getting to know each other, it works out in my favor because I know at any moment I can approach him with a question or idea and I believe he will give me an honest response. As we continue to grow, I wish the both of us best endeavors.” 

Megan is currently on a great journey to do great things; we hope her story inspired everyone on a similar path. To be featured, contact us! PinkProds.com