We spoke with recent college graduate Kelsey.

We spoke with recent college graduate Kelsey. She opened up about the struggles she’s faced, how she overcame them, and where she’s headed in the future.

What has molded you into the person you are today? What obstacles have you faced that have tried to keep you from where you are today? What do you have planned for the future? 

“I believe that everything that I have experienced has had an equal input of molding me. I am a melting pot of my background, my environment, my success, dreams, and failures. I reinvent myself with every advancement and set back to create a wiser me. That is the thing about knowledge once you obtain it, it is your decision on how you apply it. What are the obstacles that I have faced to keep me from who I am today? They are irrelevant. I could easily write a long list about people who threw shade, bad decisions I have made, or me dealing with things from financial issues to family problems. Obstacles keep you strong; they change you (hopefully for the better). They make you work for what you want because nothing in my life was ever handed to me. Therefore, obstacles that kept me from being me are irrelevant because I am me, and that won’t ever change because of something getting in my way. Plans? I am claiming 2016 as the ultimate “glo up.” I am 23 and a recent college graduate. All my life I’ve had to learn “their” way. Whether is be test, quizzes, group projects, final etc. And that was cool I’ll never down play that because it was hard work. However 2016 for me is specifically on growth Spiritually, mentally, physically. I want to learn, my way. Self-teaching and reinvention. “

As your glow year, what are you planning to do? How was your childhood, where did you grow up, do you have any siblings? You mentioned financial and family issues, can you elaborate?

“Thank you I appreciate that. My glow up year will consist of lots of self evaluation & self learning. Spiritually I want to learn about the universe/God and how my energies that I give, as well as the energy I receive. Balancing energies. Creating a calmer self n a sense. I’m impulsive and can go from 0-100, so if there is a calmer me in there, I would like to meet her. Mentally I want to do more reading. Everything from black entrepreneurs to chakras. I told me self I’ll always remain a student because I love to learn. By reading not only will I get to have a choice about what I’m learning I get to decipher what it means to me. Physically I want yo learn how to get/remain in shape, eating right etc.My childhood was cool. You know ignorance is bliss so the biggest problems in those days were who took your toys or waking up early for school. I’m the youngest of 5. 2 brothers & 2 sisters. I grew up everywhere, you could have sworn I was a military brat. I’ve lived in Cali, Kansas City, Dallas, and Houston. My mom is a comedian so most of the time we moved trying to follow her dream. 
Financial issues that’s the everyday life of a college kid. And being that my family doesn’t come from money (it made me work even harder), but like I said I’ll never take that away because what my family couldn’t offer me monetary, their love and support was always felt, that’s what kept me going. Family issues you know I’ll just say, I wouldn’t trade them for the world and love them with every right or wrong”

What started your impulsiveness? Did moving around affect you in any way? How was it being the youngest in the family? You also stated, how you got to where you are today is irrelevant, how so? You reinvented yourself why?

“My impulsiveness, really not sure how it started. Could be hereditary my daddy has similar ways. But it’s not all bad. I’ve always had the mindset of “what’s the worst that could happen” because of it. Now, it has gotten me into some trouble but some of my greatest achievements was because I didn’t think about it. I just did it. Moving around when I was a kid, well when you’re a kid not too much bothers you. I always made friends easily and could always adapt to the environment I was placed in. I’ve always thought it was cool that people that I’ve known has had friends since 3rd grade or friends that they’ve grown up with and thought that was pretty cool. But you can’t really miss what you’ve never had you know. How I got to where I am today isn’t irrelevant. What’s irrelevant are the obstacles that have tried to hold me back. 
The reinvention of me is caused by change because it’s inevitable. My overall goal in life is to reach my fullest potential and to do so I have to recreate myself with every experience that is I’ve had. Growth is optional, yet painful, you leave things/people/habits behind that were comfortable to take a leap of faith on the opportunities that could come. That is the beautiful thing about my reinvention. I take my success, failures, knowledge, wisdom that I already obtain to apply to where or how I would like to see myself in the future. My story is my power, not my shame.”

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