We had the pleasure of speaking with Dineka

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dineka. We spoke with Dineka via email before we actually met with her. Her personality definitely shined when we considered featuring her on the website, after reading her story we knew she was the perfect fit. A couple of weeks after completing her interview, we met face to face and she was absolutely an amazing spirit to be around. We spoke with Dineka about her life, and her future goals.

How was your childhood growing up?

“My childhood growing up was different to say the least. I am the middle child. My parents were pretty young when I was conceived; my mom 20 my dad 22. My dad had two daughters before me (he started early. lol) that my mom helped with so they were not extremely new and unprepared parents. My mom always says that I was a gift to my dad when he ran into some issues with my half-sisters’ mom and could not see them for a while. It is a really cute story actually. 

My dad hustled his ass off to provide for my mom and my two sisters at the time. My youngest sister came five years after me. (Yes, I have three sisters and no brothers). I was a pretty spoiled kid that was into EVERYTHING. My parents put me through modeling school when I was six; I danced, was in theater, and played sports. My mom used to always say it was to keep me active, but now that I am older, I know it was more so to distract me from the grown up issues her and my dad were having at home. My mom always talks about how intriguingly intelligent I was. I knew my shapes and colors at the age of two! I tested into “gifted and talented” classes throughout grade school. 

My parents wanted to look like the happiest well put together family to my sisters and I, and to the outside world so a lot of issues were swept under the rug, treaded over, and covered up with gifts or vacations. Which is why I believe now in my adult years I have had to learn how to acknowledge/address and deal with problems, disagreements, or dilemmas correctly. I am still working on this. It has taken a lot of love and patience to become the logical woman that I am now.”

What has life taught you? What’s something you may have struggled with?

“Life has taught me that it’s ok to not have it all together. That is ok not to be perfect. Life has taught me to move at my own pace, and not to compare myself to other people in any manner. It has taught me how important it is to have good karma. Life has taught me that I am in control, and that I can make anything happen. Life has taught me to love and to be loved and how love is undeniably whats most important. The frequency of love resonates at the heart of everything.

Life has taught me love everything about myself. I have always been a very insecure girl. I struggled with being comfortable in my own skin for the longest! I would always compare myself to my friends in school wondering why I couldn’t put water in my hair like my white friends, and why my skin had to be so much more darker than everyone else’s. Truly loving myself and my unique brown girl features did not come until my late teenage years. You would think that with all of the commercial and print modeling, I did, and my mom and dad constantly telling me how gorgeous I was would keep my confidence at a 100, but it was not. In school, we were not taught that being a black individual was admirable. I always knew my gorgeous came second to Susan’s with the blonde hair and blue eyes gorgeous. Life taught me to be confident. 

Actually, after re-reading this I have to correct myself. 

Life has not taught me these things. Life taught me the opposite of these things, which is why I had to dig deep into myself and open up so that I could be nurtured properly. Life has a name. Life is a person, in my situation. After living in this crazy ass world where I was brainwashed into believing all things negative about my brown skin, and brainwashed into feeling like material things were what made you a better person. Believing that everything was competition, and thinking that peoples opinion of you actually mattered! I had to have someone instill in me the substance of life. My boyfriend/best friend, Kadeem taught me these things. He is life. 

I hear that you are into Fashion; do you have your own line?

“I would not exactly say that I am into fashion. I am a pretty simple girl. I am not flashy at all. I love anything that is cute and comfortable. I do sew, my grandma taught me when I was young, and it is something that is stuck with me. My boyfriend and his friends have a clothing line that started our freshman year of college. They put me in charge of the female aspect of the brand. Their brand is not just like every other clothing line out here now a day. It is for the “woke,” the indigenous.

Therefore, anything that I put together for my queens will be expressive, dainty, yet comfortable. Something you can lounge around the house in, but spontaneously throw some heels on to spice it up.  

I am not too fond of “labels” so I do not announce everywhere that I am a designer who sews all of her pieces, but I am a designer who sews all of her pieces.

Do i plan on branching out and starting my own “line?” as of now, no. However, I do have a few surprises up my sleeve where I will be releasing some bomb ass individual pieces for my female sovereign.”

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