Our Interview With Genessis!

Pink Productions was super excited when Genessis agreed to drench the audience with her truth in an one on one interview. We talked to Genessis about her past life growing up, her passion for Christ, and her future goals to change the world. This is what she had to say:

“Growing up I didn’t have any stability. My parents weren’t around and my father was only around financially, I guess that’s how he made up for his absence. I moved around a lot. I was sexually abused a good portion of my toddler – pre teen years, I was suicidal, physically abused, unwanted and convinced my life was useless. At 15 I was kicked out of my house and I pretty much figured life out for myself. I learned responsibility and what it means to have to take care of yourself financially. By the age of 18 I knew what it meant to have to be 100% independent of all things. I desired to excel in school so I wouldn’t put my children through those things, I grew a passion for children who grow up in homes like I did and now I want to spend my life building up as much as I can to pour into neglected and abandoned children all over the world.

I randomly wrote a poem one morning when I was up late. I didn’t have a reason, but when I shared it with a friend, they said it was pretty good. So I wrote a poem for my church for an event, and got a lot of good feedback. I assumed maybe God did gift me in this area, so when I accepted that, the focus became speaking clear and direct to the church. Poets do not get much time, but we could do equally, what pastors do without needed to sugarcoat for an offering by giving the raw Gospel message and making it known the mission is solely Jesus.

I was saved two years ago, and but by God’s grace it was established before I was even conceived. God’s promise of redemption didn’t begin when I was saved, but long before. It was until 2 years ago that I realized that and we continued from there.

I have encountered a multitude of struggles. Living on my own at a young age, an extremely broken family that hasn’t come to know the Lord and finally having to deal with my childhood. From being kicked out, verbally abused and degraded, God was faithful through it all. The achievement wasn’t getting out of those trials, it was in understanding Christ is forever Lord. He is exalted. He is sovereign overall. That is the joy of a Christian in trials.

Currently I am trying to get into the University Of Texas School Of Nursing in the Medical Center and make the most of my time to glorify God. With a busy schedule it can be difficult to keep focused on making everything about Christ and not self.  

In the next 5 years I see myself becoming a NICU nurse (neonatal intensive care unit), married, and hopefully building homes for abandoned children. Creating facilities for missionaries to work in, with children, raising them up in the love of Christ.”

We see big things in Genessis’s future. Can’t wait to work with her and change the world. For your chance to be featured, contact us ! Pinkprods.com