Dom Timbr'a is an artistic force that will soon be unstoppable.

Dom Timbr'a is an artistic force that will soon be unstoppable. We were excited when we discovered Pink Prods would be the first platform of which Dom would be sharing her poetry. Dom Timbr'a shared her struggles and her future goals. Check it out!

When did you know singing and poetry was something you were born to do? What influences (negative and positive) shaped who you are today ? 

Although my childhood memories are very fragmented, my family said I took a personal interest in music very young (about age 3 or 4). I’d tear down the theme songs of TV shows and lose interest when the show came on. Singing “That’s So Raven” and “The Golden Girls.” Theme songs are my earliest memories. Being of mixed race I was also influenced by the whole music spectrum beginning in R&B/Soul, 90s Rap and classic Rock n Roll. It wasn’t until middle school that I decided I wanted to make music my life. I was always influenced more by my Black side only because my dad was the only White person in the house with me, my mom and four half brothers. Even though my dad was of Mediterranean decent he was still very fond of Black culture, Rap culture and Black women, haha. 

The biggest shift in my mentality and the birth of my creative being was incited by the death of my father. Age eleven, the line between my peers and I grew wider. They couldn’t understand me; I was above them. The line between my family and I grew wider. My dad died and I crawled into the shadows – and I wrote. Starting with diaries and journals dating back to before he died, I wrote everything on my mind. Eleven, Uncensored & Uncut. 

I want to know do you think the death of your father has a negative influence on your life or do you think I’m some way it’s shaped you positively ?

The death of my father definitely influenced me a lot more negatively at first. I just got numb. I started doing a lot of shit I had no business doing, things I’m not exactly proud of but at the same time not ashamed of doing either. You can let your imagination run with that one …(music speaks for itself). It wasn’t until recently that I gave myself more credit for once (like more people should) and realized that I handled all my struggles the best way I could. If I hadn’t lived so many lifetimes at a young age, I wouldn’t be me. I wouldn’t think in the manner that I do. I wouldn’t – couldn’t – make the music that I do. 

Tell me more about your music goals.

Right now I’m ducked off stacking up my material (music, poetry, photos, everything). I plan to drop a mini project very soon…most likely Aquarius season. 

To hear more about Dom Timbr'a, including her music. Check her out on Twitter @ DomsTheory.