Beonka Talks How She Let go of Her Insecurities & Found Self-Love

We spoke with the beautiful Beonka on her past, you may have seen her on TV ONE and like us are wondering what she has planned! Dive into her interview below to learn more. 

What has molded you into the person you are today? 

My childhood has definitely molded me into the woman I am today. Knowing what it feels like to struggle and live pay check to pay check helps you really appreciate things like you never have before. As a child, I grew up on the west side of Atlanta, where a lot of times we didn’t have hot water and the electricity would get cut off frequently, leaving us to use candles to see at night. So many times I’ve taken wash ups at a kitchen sink with cold water. When we did have electricity, we’d warm up water in the microwave to take a wash up. I remember having to share one room with all of my siblings. At one point my mom was a single mother trying to provide for 5 kids. My step-dad came along some years later and moved us out of the hood. I admire my parents for doing the best they could to provide for me and my siblingsI. It takes a lot of strength and courage to just up and move five kids out of the hood, to a completely different environment. 

What were some of the insecurities you faced growing up and how did you overcome them? 

There are many obstacles I’ve faced as well as insecurities I’ve overcome, but there’s one insecurity that has really affected me and hindered me from accomplishing goals and dreams in life. I've always been told that I am my worst critic. I beat myself up a lot! There’s always something I find that I wish I could change. I was asked to name one thing I like about myself physically, but I really couldn’t think of much. I’ll be the first to say that I’m not perfect in any way. It may seem like I’m comfortable with myself, but in actuality I don’t have very much confidence. I’ve worn makeup almost everyday to cover blemishes for six years. I’ve had a family member tell me to put a bag over my head. I’ve had people tell me “I shouldn’t wear all that makeup.” I’ve had thousands of people on social media ridicule me and say hurtful things about me having acne marks, and wearing makeup. It didn’t help that I was dating someone who also judged me for being insecure and wearing makeup. I wear it because I don’t want to be judged or looked at strange because I have marks all over my face. I also wear makeup because it gives me confidence, it makes me feel pretty, it just enhances my beauty overall. For a long time, I felt unattractive. When I see all the commercials, all of the celebrities with perfect skin, and perfect bodies, I start to second guess my beauty. I’m now learning to love myself and embrace who I am. I’m learning that I don’t need makeup to define my beauty, because I am beautiful inside and out. Flaws and all! If a man can’t see that then he is someone who doesn’t deserve to be with me in the first place. Now I can honestly say that I am not afraid to be different and that’s what I love about me.

What is your blog and YouTube about?

I was inspired four years ago to start my own YouYube channel, but I was so shy. I never had the courage to do it alone. Well times have changed. I’m learning to love myself and believe in myself. There are so many things I’ve learned about the YouTube world. I now know what I need to do to be successful at it, while still having fun and not making it something I have to do, but something I love to do. I’m excited to share style tips, fashion ideas, latest fashion trends, beauty tips, hair tutorials, product reviews, vlogging and so much more. I hope you guys find my channel useful. You can stay updated by subscribing to my channel on YouTube, just search: KeepingUpWithB. Like and comment, let me know what you guys think.

You were recently aired on a show, how did the opportunity come about and how do you feel about it?

I recently guest starred on a reality show called "Rickey Smiley For Real." Rickey Smiley is a nationally-syndicated radio host, stand-up comedian, actor, TV personality, businessman and the single father to four children. I was dating his son, Brandon Smiley which is how I became apart of the show. I never thought Id be working on set of a reality show. It was something very new to me, but I enjoyed every minute of it. I am very grateful for his dad giving me the opportunity to be apart of his show.

What are your plans for your future? 

I plan on putting my insecurities aside and becoming a model. Modeling is something I’ve always wanted to do as a little girl. I also plan to continue to work on my YouTube channel, finishing my major in business management, opening up my own business, and coming out with my own makeup line. 

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