We were excited to speak with poet Eva!

We were excited to speak with poet Eva! She came out of her shell and opened up about her current journey and her poetry.

Eva the Diva! Where did the name come from? Tell us about how you got started with poetry.

“Well naturally in the beginning people called me that simply because it rhymed with my name and later it just suited me so well because I can be a drama queen at times.

I use my poetry to try to give people a deeper feel of me and why I am the way, I am. Some people catch the concept, and others miss it by a long shot!

I mostly find myself writing of my experiences of pain, it is a stress reliever, and at times, it helps me cope with things better.

I never intended to be a writer, it just happened. I guess it was just destined.”

Can you elaborate on your past? What pain did you endure?

“Well that’s kind of a tough question. However, I told myself I would be open as possible. Well to begin I grew up with my grandmother, not because my parents were ill will or on drugs, (they were/still are married) but just because… Well that is still an unanswered question of mine. So I guess that is the beginning of my pain.

Well in actuality, I plan to write an autobiography soon so I rather not get too deep. Because this is such a complex question for me.”

You are a poet; tell me what made you want to begin poetry? What emotions correlate with what you write? Also, we have young girls and other writers who will read your interview, who may also read the poems you feature on our home page. What do you want those readers to know about you? What advice do you give young girls with your similar struggles?

“Well growing up I always would write because I felt I had no one to talk to so I would share my sadness with my notebook instead. Recently I’ve realized that I would like to place myself in the category of poet, because writing poetry was just something I did but now I realize it’s who I am. I have tried to write happy things but my art just is not the same when I attempt to do that. Unfortunately, pain, sadness, and sorrow are my muse. I just want readers to know that just because I write about those darker moments in my life I still am a highly energetic and happy person. My overall message would be for people to know its ok to be sad you cannot always be happy, the sun will not always shine, but you must always remember to find beauty in your “disaster.”