Today we spoke with Houston’s own Creation (Cre8shun) !

Today we spoke with Houston’s own Creation (Cre8shun) ! She’s an amazing DJ with an amazing future. We are super excited to share her story with you! 

 Growing up, what struggles (insecurities) did you endure that you overcame?

At 7 years old, I was diagnosed with Vitiligo. Which is more common than it was 14 years ago. Vitiligo is a non-contagious skin disorder than causes a loss of pigment in certain areas. Or even in a few cases, the loss of pigment in its entirety. I experienced alot of name calling and backlash at such a young age. I’d wear jeans and sweaters in 80 degree whether, I’d run in track meets completely covered, and I’d wear two knee pads (for no apparent reason) when I played basketball. It wasn’t until I got to highschool that I just said, “fuck it”. I was either going to let my vitiligo be an obstacle or a boost. And I chose to view my white spots as a plus rather than a problem. When I fell in love with my spots, I fell in love with me.

How did your love for basketball start?

My pops. I never fathomed to ever pick up a basketball. I wasn’t a “hooping toddler” like most athletes. I didn’t start playing until the end of my 8th grade year. I had always been a track athlete, so I was naturally fast and coordinated. It is common for people to love doing something they’re good at, and that is how I felt about basketball. As long we were winning, I loved it. My pops and I woke up 5amevery morning to train, I’d have regular school practice, then we’d hit the gym right afterwards. It was like that, everyday. Truthfully, my love for basketball faded in 2013, when my Pops up and left me with bo explanation. I tored my ACL twice, and by that time, I had been completely over it. I walked away from my full 4 year scholarship at Wisconsin the summer of 2015 and returned home. I may return, however, I just need to rest.

When did your love for music start?

I have always loved music. I was raised my musicians and producers. My grandfather, who I aim to emulate, was a legend. Played every instrument there was, and played behind some of the greatest artist like Aretha. I had no choice but to indulge in music. I was a musician, first. I always stress that. I play 3 instruments, I can break down a music sheet to the very “T”, and can compose a tune of my own. I can harmonize very well too. So the love for music started with me.

When did you decide to DJ? What obstacles are you overcoming with DJing?

Honestly, my decision on being a DJ was a joke (in a way). I have this fascination for Afrika Bambaataa. I absolutely think he paved the way. But, I’d always talk to myself like, “Psh, I can do that shit”. And I never did it. I’d shit talk to myself everytime I listened to Afrika, but never did. Mainly because of basketball, I just didn’t have enough time to balance. I even remember writing in my bio on my previous school’s athletic page that, I “wanted to be the world’s greatest female DJ”. Just last year, out of nowhere, I told myself that I was just going to do it. I had all the tools, all of the knowledge, plus I was already producing, so I… just did it.  The only obstacle I am experiencing with DJing, is timing. I’m not looking to “blow up”. No, that is not the case. I just want to mix quality shit, and place a stamp on my mixes. I want my listeners to hear me, and know that it’s me. That is it. I don’t want this to move too fast. Then I’ll be overwhelmed, and my quality will decrease. I’m taking my time with it, what is for me will be for me.

What are your goals for the future? As in every aspect of the word goals, where do you see yourself?

I see myself graduating college with my Masters in Engineering. Even though the field is fluctuating. I want children. Not really aiming for marriage, it’s a setup. But I want children, and I want their father to be active in their lives and not active in a shared marital bank account (lol). I see myself retiring at 40. I really want to teach. That is my dream job. That is where my engineering degree comes into play. Make my money and invest it, to where I can be a teacher sitting on stacks and actually enjoy it, instead of worrying about how shitty my paycheck is. I see myself being in love. But I have forever to worry about being in love.

To check out Cree’s work! Visit her on Instagram @CRE8SHUN.