We spoke with Pink Productions own, Chelsea Whitley!

We spoke with Pink Productions own, Chelsea Whitley! Chelsea Whitley  shared her story in hopes to inspires our readers. Excited for you all to get to know Chelsea and her truths!

How was your childhood?

My childhood was fine. I have the memory of an elephant, I remember a lot of negative things, but the great thing about being a child is that you don’t really know what’s really going on and you think this is just how it is. My parents split up at 3 years old. I moved with my dad. I stayed with him for 3 years, without even speaking to or seeing my mom. Then one day, my dad told me we were going to stay with my mom. I moved around a lot, and I witnessed my mom and dad get into several fights. Fights where only my cry for them to stop would stop it. My dad was an “alcoholic” not literally, but thats what my mom would say. But looking back my mom did a lot of things to make him jealous not saying it’s a reason to react, but some people don’t know how to handle offenses. Once they broke up again, I stayed with my mom. We continued moving, even to Atlanta and back. Great thing about it now, I don’t hold any grudges against the two. My parents have always been great outside of their faults. Overall, I was raised and brought up very well if I must say.

You lived with your father until you were six, did that hinder you and your mother's relationship? Also, I know you had your own daughter at a young age, what advice do you have for teenage mothers? 

At the beginning no, it wasn’t my choice for my mom to drop me off with my dad & we moved somewhere else & he kept me. (Let my dad tell it, she left me on his door step. My mom says my dad is a liar. But yet they tried getting back together last year.) I don’t remember if i missed her or not. When we went back it was awkward. I remember first meeting her again, the first memory of my mom actually. So when they would start fighting again I’d leave with my dad since i was most comfortable with him, also because i wanted to know where he was at all times. My mom never told me, but deep down I know how that may have made her feel. The advice i give teenage mothers is to seek as much support as you can. The more help, the easier. Also, don’t wait until you’re 7 months to tell your mom, because she failed to realize it herself. Imagine seeing her face to face every single day. Parents tell you they will kill you, I’m living proof they will not. Another, don’t have your child and tell your dad afterwards. 

Were there any obstacles that you’ve faced, and/ or any insecurities you’ve overcome?

Having a child at an early age. Even though I was having sex, i didn’t think it was fair and I was angry. I cried my ass off literally! I spent hours in the shower begging and pleading with GOD for a miscarriage, to just wake me up from a dream! Other days I was so angry, I’d be talking to him in the shower “all the women in the world that cant have kids and you give me a child that I didn’t ask for” I even planned to get an abortion, but was to afraid to tell my mom. After everything was all said and done. I cried even more for saying the things I said, feeling the way I felt. I was embarrassed. I was 17 with a baby, it wasn’t okay. Since day one I’ve always had the support, but I never thought I was good enough to raise a child. I’m a perfectionist, so I was doing everything wrong in my opinion. I should have been married. I wouldn’t have chosen my child’s father. I spent so much time crying. It wasn’t until after I told my mom I was relieved. Once I had Alayah, I felt blessed. It wasn’t until recently where I became more into the word of GOD to where I understood how consequences really work. I’m just thankful GOD always have a plan. I grew up in a Christian home and I understood certain things, but now I analyze and have analyzed so much. I forgave myself for not being perfect.

How is parenting? 

Hard! Hard in the aspect of being a mother. Its my first time at it. I’m in the middle of finding myself and bettering myself, and raising someone to be better than me and correcting her behavior all at the same damn time. I’m very hard on Alayah! My mom raised my sister totally different than she raised me. My sister and I are totally opposite. I’m independent, she isn’t. I have manners, she doesn’t. I’m responsible, she isn’t. My mom put so much responsibility on me, it molded me into the person I am today. I’m teaching my daughter to be responsible but not to endure what I did, at the same time not to turn out like my sister. My mom had me at 23. I’m 23 now, I’ve had almost 6 years of practice at this and I’m still trying to figure this all out. So I applaud my mom, that I turned out actually great

What do you have planned for your future, what is your ultimate goal in life?

I have been rerouted so many times until I  was forced to be still and asked GOD what was it that he wanted me to do. Then I was offered a position to be COO of Pink Prods. My ultimate goal is to be an OB-GYN and have my own practice and to start a few clothing lines.

Did you always know you had a gift for design? I also want to know how did nursing come into play? 

My passion for fashion didn’t start until recently, I was always into fashion, dressing nice & sewing but I just thought I didn’t really have much more to offer than others. I wanted to be a fashion designer once before in 7th grade. Now I’m more motivated. After I had my child, I decided I wanted to be a OB, I loved the experience & its such a beautiful thing to be apart of a birth. Soon ill be a fashion designer & OB-GYN. After, I’ll eventually start a maternity line & thats how those two will come into place.

Chelsea has a super amazing story and we hope it encouraged everyone reading. If you want to connect with Chelsea, contact us! PinkProds.com. We’re always eager to speak with our audience!