We had the pleasure of speaking with Pink Productions very own, Adunola!

We had the pleasure of speaking with Pink Productions very own, Adunola! Adunola was brave and bold while sharing her truths. She inspires to create a legacy that encourages others to keep going. Her journey starts now.

Have you ever struggled with any insecurities? What are they?

That’s definitely a trick question. I think God ‘blesses’ every individual with insecurities. The question should be “What are yours?” My insecurity is probably different from most. Sure, I struggled with not feeling beautiful enough, or not feeling tall enough (I’m 5'0 and ½ inches) and many physical insecurities most tend to face. But my biggest insecurity is the fear of failure. I fear failing. I fear not amounting to my full potential, so much that it makes me feel stagnant at times when I’m actually progressing. However, I’ve learned to lean on God when those feelings arise. I remind myself that I didn’t create my life, but that my life was created by God and blessed with his unique purpose assigned only to me. I remind myself to keep walking and keeping giving the world my best but it’s definitely a feeling I have to subdue regularly.

My biggest insecurity is the fear of failure.


What influences (negative/positive) growing up molded your relationship with Christ?

My father and my mother both molded my relationship with Christ, for very different reasons. My father shaped my relationship with Jesus because I watched the way his life transformed the closer he got to God. Growing up he was an aggressive man who was very quick to anger and as I’ve gotten older and as I’ve watched him seek God through prayer, I’ve observed him become more loving, gentle and understanding and I know it’s because of God. My mother, she’s been through life, but even when times were the most difficult she always reminded me that her strength comes from God. I always tell people that my father taught me how to pray and my mother taught me how to worship. 

What are you goals for yourself, as in what do you aspire to do in life? Why?

I aspire to inspire. I think money is necessary and fame is faltering but ultimately I hope to I leave behind a legacy that encourages others to keep going. I am a creative at heart and a PR professional by day. I am a Nigerian woman and I hope to inspire young Nigerian women to be whatever they want to be. I hope to instill in them the power to not just be a nurse or a doctor because our culture encourages us to, I hope to encourage them, through my life, to pursue any and every ambition feasible. I have many aspirations but that is the ultimate purpose of them all. 

What advice do you have for our younger audience about being happy and overcoming the negatives in life?

BE HAPPY. Life will never be perfect. No matter how hard you try or how hard you work your life will never be perfect. There will always be something wrong, and that sounds really negative but once you accept the theory of life you can choose to be happy regardless of what life throws at you. But this concept is definitely not easy to implement. You must find what inspires you. Ask yourself regularly: “what motivates you?” Everyone has a muse - a source of inspiration - and you must discover yours. You have to discover what pushes you to keep going and think about it daily, seriously daily. And most importantly, always trust God’s love for you and his timing. He’s proven over and over that he never forgets and he never fails. 

Always trust God’s love for you and his timing.

We definitely believe Adunola is off to a great start. If you have any questions for or simply want to speak more with Adunola.