We spoke with future celebrity make up artist Corian

We spoke with future celebrity make up artist Corian. Corian really opened up about her upbringing and her plans for the future. We loved speaking with Corian and we’re fully behind her in working towards her goals. 

Can you tell me about your upbringing, what influences (negative/positive) has shaped the person you are today and the woman you hope to be ?

Oh man this is going to be long! I love talking about my childhood. Okay so basically I was raised by my parents who were pretty young themselves so they were always away at work. So my brothers and I had to be responsible quick. I have three brothers so I was a total tomboy, raised in a Christian church home where little girls HAD to wear dresses and ruffle socks. I threw a fit every Sunday because I wanted to be like my brothers and wear pants. Eventually I grew out of my tomboy phase and started picking up girly habits: sneaking into my mothers makeup bag & wearing eyeliner when I knew I wasn’t supposed to I literally got caught everytime even when I though I scrubbed my eyes so much my eyelid would come off. High school obviously had a huge impact on me because I started to find myself. My mother actually allowed me to wear makeup. My parents were strict, my social life revolved around my grades but I just wasn’t into school, I was more into trying to find myself and doing things on my own(which they hated). I wanted to stand out and change my look. I started to transition from my lenghty relaxed hair. At this time I was into getting sew ins and taking them down and seeing how much my hair grew! But my last sew in was done totally wrong and my hair matted underneath. I had to cut it off completely. So going from just above bra length hair to a tiny Afro was not ideal. I refrained from all social media and avoided going out until I got braids a two weeks later. 

I hated my hair. It was super short and I had no idea how to make it work so I had braids twice with 2-3 months each time until I started getting length. My curl pattern started to show. 

I don’t know what I want to be exactly I just know that whatever I do it’s my choice and I’m going to be happy doing it. I want to inspire young women and women like me. I love helping others and just connecting with people although I may come off as shy. Growing up has defiantly shaped me into the person I want to be. It’s also really hard when you want to do something when your mom doesn’t support you. Make up is an art and something I love doing but my mother is business woman minded which isn’t a bad thing. I just feel there’s more to life than just working a job 5 days a week two and a half hours in traffic everyday. I want to be bigger than that I want to touch and connect with people globally as I said before. I just want to make a career and do what I love.

What steps are you taking in order to find yourself and find your passion/destination ?

Honestly right now, I’m just working on perfecting my craft. Makeup can lead to breakouts so I’m learning about skin care. Trying different products out, investing in what I love; Watching videos and picking up tips from the professionals. I’m just building to explode right now. 

To check out Corian’s work, check her out on Instagram @cor1an.