We’re super excited to share Alexus’s interview today!

We’re super excited to share Alexus’s interview today! She’s not only beautiful on the outside, but she’s beautiful on the inside too! Alexus is absolutely amazing and extremely inspiring. We hope she inspires you the same way she inspired us here at Pink Prods! 

Have you ever struggled with any insecurities? What are they?

I think everyone struggles with some sort of insecurity. (Lol) I use to struggle with my weight growing up. I use to be a print model for an agency here in Houston called Page Parkes and my grandmother was very hard on us to look a certain way. I was about 11 and I started going through puberty, and I was very chubby and awkward I may add *laughs to myself* and I loved art. One day I was drawing Barbie and coloring her in, and I showed my grandmother my artwork and she told me, “that’s nice, but you see how skinny she is, you need to be her size so people will like you and you will always appear to be attractive.” Ever since then I struggled to look a certain way. I am 5'4, I’m very small up top but God has truly blessed me with “ASSets” at the bottom. And I would work out 7 days a week and some days I worked out twice.  I would starve myself most days just to look like that picture of Barbie. No one noticed it, but I had an eating disorder from 2008 to 2013. It wasn’t until 2014, where I truly accepted my body for what it is. I love my body! 

What are your current struggles and how do you go about overcoming them?

My current struggles would be just finding myself, accepting life for what it is and understanding my purpose here on this earth. I am in a self- exploration/self-discovery period and I think it’s normal for 20 somethings to go through this. This season in my life, has brought me closer to God and also given me a realization of how incredible I am as a person. I am also learning important life lessons such as love, how to save money, loyalty, and how to date properly. Recently, I’ve learned that you have to be a little selfish, to fully understand what you want in life, and it also shows you who you want in your life. I’m overcoming this strange, yet beautiful struggle by just taking life one day at a time, appreciating the things God is doing, counting my blessings and staying positive. 

What influences (negative/positive) growing up molded your relationship with Christ?

I grew up in a Christian household, in fact my grandmother is a pastor (I’ll get into that in a sec), and I’ve always had a love for God. Growing up, we spent nearly everyday at church because I was involved with everything from the children'sand adult choir, praise dancing, to plays. My grandmother was married to my home church pastor and when they got a divorce she became a pastor. In this time period, I truly didn’t have a relationship with God because it was so forced! It wasn’t a genuine connection, I felt very pressured to be a Christian, so in this time period, I was all of 13 to 17, I was just a church goer. It’s like I had an idea of who God was but I did not exactly know who he was. It was not until I turned 18, where I truly gave my life to Christ and that’s when our beautiful relationship began. I guess to answer the question, my influences would just be Christ himself and constantly speaking to me and leading and guiding me down his path for me. 

What are you goals for yourself, as in what do you aspire to do in life? Why?

My goals as of right now, is to become a you-tuber! I am so excited to join the YouTube community in March of 2016. I am starting my channel to help women and young girls appreciate the beauty they have, I want to inspire and uplift them through my life, my testimony, and my views on everything. I want people to come to my channel learning something positive about themselves through me.  I also want my viewers to feel like we’re best friends as I entertain them with my crazy life stories and show them how to get those “FLEEKY” eyebrows and flawless natural hair styles. Lastly, I want to my very own beauty company in the next 5 to 10 years, I want to be a real estate broker, and I also want to start a foundation for young girls and teens. 

What advice do you have for our younger audience about being happy and overcoming the negatives in life?

I would advise any young person that you are rock star. There is only one You, so your a limited edition. Do not compare yourself to anyone because you are special. Matters not what the media or the world say who you should be, what you should look like, or what you should be doing, stay true to who you are, and the moral and values your parents are teaching you. Secondly, happiness is based off of happenings. So don’t give the keys to your happiness to someone, something, or some place. Happiness starts from within and joy comes from contentment. Its normal to not have it all figured out right now. Stop stressing the small things, learn and laugh at your mistakes, accept the things you cannot change, and don’t be afraid of uncertainty.  And lastly, it’s totally okay to go hard for Jesus because he always goes hard for you. Read your bibles, stay your prayers, drink lots of water, and stay young as long as possible because you get one childhood…bills are the worst! 

To check out Alexus visit her on Instagram @lexusstand