It’s down two the last two days of the first month of year.

It’s down two the last two days of the first month of year. Today we have an amazing interview. One of Pink Productions very own, Mofe Lawrence! We were extremely happy when Mofe let down all her walls and shed a light on things many women have gone through. We see great things in Mofe’s future and we hope her story inspires you. 

What influences (negative/positive) growing up shaped the person you are today?

This is going to be a hard topic for me to discuss but I am willing to discuss it. One prominent negative influence that shaped me today had to deal with the issues of molestation. When I was young, I was molested by a family member. It happened very frequently. When I was young, I didn’t quite understand what was going on but i knew it was not right at all. It officially stopped when I was either about 12 or 13 years old. I believe that situation influenced me greatly because it affects how i deal with men and sex in general. I think me being molested forced me to be open to sex and explore sex at an early age. My first taste of learning about sex was from someone who was very much older than me and didn’t “love” me like how you love your wife or significant other. I grew up thinking that casual sex is okay and that it is not a problem. However, in reality it is a problem because I started only giving men sex and no other parts of myself. I can truly say that I can have casual sex without any emotional ties, actually all the men I’ve had sex with in my lifetime, only one I can say I “loved” and the others were just nothing but sex. Its a problem because I haven’t had a real relationship ever, my last boyfriend I was 15 and that only lasted a month. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some awesome sex but when is there going to be time when I get over that hump and stop only limiting myself to sex. Instead, exploring the other beauty of intimacy and compassion of two wonderful people. Me being molested also affected my concepts of relationships. It hard for me to open up to men and really share who the real Mofe is but when I lie in bed with men I don’t have to share all of that. It could be because I am scared of men since I’ve been hurt emotionally and physically from that family member and the only person who can only really truly hurt me is myself and I limit myself to think that. Me being molested also made me attracted to older men. I don’t really see it as a bad or good thing but I would say that my interests and my conquests have been men significantly older than me. I am still dealing with this and trying to overcome which I think I am doing a lot better. I just been being positive and trying not to think about it but as I get older its a very dark cloud that doesn’t seem to go away. I have told myself by the beginning of next year I am going to seek professional help and talk to a therapist. I feel that situation led me to other demons that happened in my past, I’m trying to figure out why I am the way that I am. I haven’t had the courage to speak to anyone close to me about but I will talk to a therapist because they don’t personally know me. Big leap for me. 


Do you think growing up in a Nigerian household has impacted your life greatly? If so, how? If not, why?

I think growing up in a Nigerian household has impacted my life because I understand the idea of culture. If you look at the African values collectivism is an important characteristic in African values. I think with that mentality, I learned to cherish the idea of working together for a common goal and the importance of family. Now being that I am Nigerian, it is common that in the job profession that we become doctors, nurses, lawyers, and engineers. I am one of those people who don’t care to become any of those things. Yes I got a lot of flack from not going in those routes but I didn’t care. I am big on if i am not happy then why do something that does not make me happy at all. I think those common Nigerian expectations impacted my life because i was able to break barriers. I was able for my parents to just accept me the way that i am. It took a long time for them to accept the fact that they didn’t raise the typical Nigerian child. Here I am today to say that I have a loving family who accepts and allow me to make my decisions despite the expectations they already had. I can be able to preach that to my kids, I want to be able for my kids to do what they heart follows and follow their dreams. If my kids can see that their mother didn’t turned out to be the typical Nigerian woman, I know they will think sky the limit and they won’t have to limit their self to one goal. In conclusion, growing up in a Nigerian household made me have this determination to succeed but to succeed the way I want to not how anyone else want me to. I feel like i have a lot of people to prove wrong and its okay because I will prove each and everyone of them wrong. That the perks of being a Nigerian, you have this drive to make it. 

Who do you aspire to be, as in what are your goals for yourself?

I aspire to be a woman of all things great. I love the idea on being able to be a content creator through events but also would like to produce events for clientele in any aspect. I want to be my own brand when it  comes to putting on these events. Overall, I would want to be a marketing manager for companies that are synonymous with communications, entertainment, business, media, and non-profits. I would like to complete my own tours that focus on brand management. Creating my own workshops that give people insight about branding and marketing.

My other interest would be my love for women empowerment. I plan on catering to my community and keep continuing to involve myself with events that deal with the women. One day I plan to have my own non-profit that mentor girls in low economic/urban areas because when I was in school, there were no positive programs around me to give me that push to succeed and think beyond as a young woman. I went to school in a low economic area, and there was nothing for girls my age in school to look up to. All we had was the  YMCA but I felt that it wasn’t enough for young girls. I know it wasn’t for me because if I had access to programs that catered to my age at that time, I think I probably would have not made most of my wrong decisions. Most “after school programs”, I felt that those programs were somewhere to take your kids after school to pass up time and wasn’t making an impact on girls everyday lives in my opinion.

My other goal would be becoming a talk show host of my own show. I want a talk show but in round table format with other women who do a similar platform as me. My platform would be on the basis of positivity and inspiration. I think I became a positive being because of my experiences and dark past. I’ve conquered and learned from them. I’m still learning and growing but all I can do is speak on what I gained from those trial and tribulations. I just want to spread that to other females and young women as well. So why not broadcast that around the world. I just want something where women can turn on tv and be able to relate and gain insight from what I’m displaying on a network. I just want to be able to use my skills and talents to help my community and just be a positive influence for my generation.

WOW. Amazing, if you have any questions for Mofe or if you would like to be featured contact us.