We spoke with Bliss the Poet

We spoke with Bliss the Poet, about her recent accomplishments and graduating. She expressed how important it was for her.

What has molded you into the person you are today? 

I have always been forced to be a transitional person. I’ve been forced to live many different lives. Elaborating that statement I’ve live in many different homes growing up. Not in a sense of instability my mom just rented out many different places growing up. (growing up I lived in many different homes, apartments, town homes). I attended urban schools but grew up in a church with wealthy white people. I was taught how to not seem “surprised” even if it was new to me. I always knew how to adapt even in the weirdest situations.

Were there any obstacles that you’ve faced, and/ or any insecurities you’ve overcome? 

Not being good enough, as I mentioned before I was raised differently then the average “single parent child.” I come from a very educated background, but my mother wasn’t important because she was the single unwed parent who was a teacher. I was constantly being reminded by my aunts that she wasn’t smart enough or rich enough to ever know how to be “great” or “smart enough” to make decisions. (my aunts being a lawyer and gas accountant).

You recently graduated, how important was it for you, and what are you planning to do with your degree?

Graduating was so important to me because I was the wild child, the bastard child, the child who came from the “mud” in comparison to my other cousins. (We are all only children). I was the child of the only single mother out of the generation. We didn’t have nearly as much, but my mother invested in me like I was a genius. Getting my degree meant so much to me because I knew it would mean even more to my mother, and after all she dealt with I knew she deserved it. As far as with my degree I want to work for an airline and eventually I want to be a pilot. 

As a poet, when did you develop the gift to write? What do you mostly write about? 

I was born a writer, my mother told me I wrote my first poem when I was four years old. I mostly write about love and deep emotions. 

What are your plans as far as writing? 

My plans? I really just write when I feel that tingle in my fingers. I never really know what is going to come out it just happens. I have a good friend of mine who also shares that gift and we send poetry randomly back in forth to each other (she lives in New York). We’re going to write a book later in life. 

Be on the look out for her book of poetry.