We spoke with college student and model Jaielle.

We spoke with college student and model Jaielle. Jaielle is a stunning freelance model who aspires to both, earn a degree and advance in the modeling world. Jaielle is a positive role model and we hope her story inspires you as much as it inspired us.  

I am originally from Providence, Rhode Island. My dad is Dominican and my mother considers herself to be black (although she’s mixed with a lot of races). I moved to Houston, Texas when I was 9 years old. Houston was a huge difference, coming from Rhode Island. I went from living somewhere, where the weather actually matched the seasons to a place where you experience all the seasons in a day. Houston is also much bigger, so it was sort of difficult to adjust, but we got use to it. I am the oldest of six children. Four girls. Two boys. Since I am the oldest, I’ve always felt like I had to be perfect. I’ve always had to be a good role model for my siblings. In school, I’ve always made it a goal to do great and to get accepted into a great college. By the grace of God, both things happened, so now, I’ve set the example for them. School is important and I want them to understand how vital it is.  

Growing up, I dealt with many other obstacles who made me who I am today. I grew up and lived in a home of domestic violence. That molded me into the woman I am today. I know what not to settle for and I will never compromise myself for a man who finds it necessary to be violent towards me. It’s always made me want better for myself. It’s also taught me how to love myself, so that I won’t accept anything less than unconditional love from anyone. I can honestly say it made me stronger and know my worth as I grew older. It’s sort of an oxymoron… how can something meant to break me down, make me stronger? It just proves God works in mysterious ways. Something else that’s motivated me are my parents. They push me to be the best I can be and they are extremely supportive of all of my decisions.  

Speaking of decisions, when I was younger a friend recommended, in the 7th grade, that I take up modeling. I started taking modeling classes with Neil Hamil Agency. I love modeling and I’ve always thought of what life would be if I could make a career of modeling. However, I didn’t want to be just another pretty face. I also want to be equally as intelligent. I know there are young girls who drop everything, turn their hobby into a passion and chase after it full forced, but I’d rather prove its possible to do both. It would be amazing to be presented the opportunity to make a career modeling, and I’m sure I would take it (lol). Unless I can successfully support myself and my family modeling, it’s something I would rather continue to do freelance. My cousin begin working with a company called Marque and she suggested I join the team, and it’s been a great match for me.

Today, I am in school, working towards my degree and growing as a woman. I think self love is most important and I strive to fall more in love with the person I am daily. I am always looking to advance in the modeling world, always ready to shoot more and learn more. Advice I have to young girls reading my interview is to love yourself regardless of what others may say or think. Growing up, people called me too skinny, too this, and too that and now today I am modeling. Never let people opinions effect who you are. Use everything meant to break you down, be the reason you stand tall. It’s a beautiful thing to love your outer appearance, but do not let that be the only thing you have to offer. Even though school can be stressful and overbearing sometimes, never stop, keep going until you cross the finish line.

To check out Jaielle’s work, visit her on IG: ImJustJaielle