Sandra Bourhani: A Fashion Photographer Influenced by her Parents & Grandmother

The passions of Sandra Bourhani’s parents and grandmother have greatly influenced Sandra’s own desires as a young woman. As a little girl, Sandra traveled with her parents and experienced a variety of cultures in other countries. She recalls her parents capturing imageries in these countries with their disposable cameras and as time passed she too fell in love with traveling and the beauty of photography.

Her grandmother, a fashion designer, sewed every day and her love for fashion soon rubbed off on Sandra as well. Her parents’ love for traveling and catching moments through photography and her grandmother’s love for fashion created the woman we see today who loves fashion photography.

Sandra has done photoshoots in Ibiza, editorials for Vogue, Lui Magazine and Eclectic Magazine, and so much more. Still, her journey only continues. 

Here, she shares how she fell in love with fashion photography, the difficulties she’s experienced in the industry and what she hopes to accomplish in the next 5 years. 

How was your life as a child? When did you know you had a passion for photography?

My life as a child has been full of travels and discoveries. I often traveled with my parents. I remember when my father took us to visit many beautiful countries and illustrated us their culture.

My mom was taking a lot of photographs. He had thousands of disposable cameras, those were the 1990s, huh. Every time he took the films to the lab, I stood waiting for days to finally see the results once these were processed. Through the years, I realized that I loved to linger over old photographs of my parents. Every period has its customs and peculiarities. The photographs help to relive the past. It’s like memories were frozen into small ice cubes and dissolved in melancholy and smiles when necessary. It’s the only way to go back in time, to deeply delve in the present, and to plan our future.

You're a fashion photographer, what made you choose fashion, in particular?

Fashion has always been something that has been part of my life ever since I was little. My grandmother was a fashion designer. I remember when she sewed clothes every day, all day. She had clothes and mannequins scattered throughout the house. When she finished sewing, she always made my mother wear them and they were always a perfect fit.

My mom always asked me to take a picture of her as soon as she wore a dress by my grandmother. It was fun and creative. I also read fashion magazines every day and I daydreamed watching poses and clothing. Growing up, I embarked on a path related to fashion and I started studying photography for real. I thought, why not turn a passion into my job?

What are some obstacles you've faced that you've had to overcome in the industry?

The world of fashion photography is not at all easy. The people you work with pretend you have the ability to read their minds. You have to be empathetic, close to their ideas as much as possible – even in difficult cases. It’s also difficult to find our own space in teams composed of so many people. Everyone has their own process and if you are not on the same wavelength, you'd never arrive at a meaningful result that fully satisfies the client. It is necessary to be flexible, to keep the communication alive, to take a breath, and to be focused on the project that is being developed.

It is necessary to be flexible, to keep the communication alive, to take a breath, and to be focused on the project that is being developed.


Who are some people you look up to in the industry and why?

The people I admire in my industry are the ones who started on their own, without any help. They have followed their ambition and their passion at the cost of everything. They have figured out how to freeze a gesture and a look, transforming it into art. They have the sensitivity needed not only to take pictures, but also to share their inner world without fear, like Eugenio Recuenco or Tim Walker.

What are some goals you want to accomplish in the next 5 years? 

I'd like to work more abroad in the coming years, traveling and learning new cultures and new schools of thought. I would like to share my art, to convey my feelings to a wider audience.


To learn more about Sandra visit her on Instagram @SandraBourhani. To be featured, contact us.