From Corporate America to Traveling The World


At 35,000 feet in the air, flight attendant Melissa Drue admits that although the career path she chose is very rewarding, every day is not a pleasant adventure. There’s no doubt that being a flight attendant is a tough job but Melissa still manages to keep a smile on her face despite the highs and lows of her career.

In her interview she lets us in on her personal struggles. She shares her goals and makes it clear that she’s very appreciative of the lessons she’s learned as a flight attendant. Her new life as a flight attendant has been a tremendous eye opener!

Check out more from Melissa’s interview as she talks about journey, traveling throughout the country and through life itself.

Childhood and Experiences

She had an extremely normal childhood. Melissa grew up in a two-parent household with one brother and one sister. She has a story that she still carries with her that shaped my young mind. 

I was in fifth grade and the school counselor called me to her office. I was basically getting in trouble for having other students do things I was doing.

The counselor was the person who first explained to her what leadership is and how important it is to be responsible for her actions because people are always watching.

Her dad has and always will be the most positive influence in her life. He is the reason she is the woman she is today because he showed her what unconditional love looked like at a very young age and the importance of hard work. The characteristics he’s taught her are priceless.

Insecurities of Being Successful

Growing up Melissa didn’t have normal girl insecurities about her image or things like that and that’s because every day she heard her dad tell her how beautiful and worthy she was so she never questioned that about herself. 

I struggled with insecurities of being successful I was always so hard on myself to be the best I could be. Anything I ever thought I wanted, I was very determined to get. But as I grew up and faced bigger challenges, I had to learn that everything isn’t meant for me and that’s okay.

She had to learn to lean on her faith and not what I thought was for me. Now even as a young adult, Melissa has had ups and downs with struggling with this but she is a glass half full person so no matter the outcome she always try to find the bright side. She overcome defeat with just trying harder and finding other options.

College Experience

College taught her a lot about herself, not just personally but professionally as well. She stayed involved on campus through various organizations taking on leadership positions which allowed her to develop as a young adult. Being around a lot of different people with different views and personalities posed as a challenge which allowed her to learn to problem-solve on an entirely different level. Keeping her composure under high stress situations is one of the most valuable lessons college taught her. The business program at her school taught her to be business savvy which has allowed Melissa to be a much more of a competent adult. 

Life as a Flight Attendant

During her last summer of college she chose to abandon everything she knew in my perfect little life to live in Europe! So off she went to Barcelona where she studied and explored. Then, after her classes were over, she went backpacking through Europe. Once she returned home she just could not shake the travel bug.

melissa drue 2.jpg
Funny enough before I left my dad asked me if I ever thought about being a flight attendant and I just kind of dismissed the idea because all I had been taught the last 4 years of college was chase that good high paying corporate job after graduation. But here I was, months later, coming back into reality – beginning my last semester of school and starting two internships.

She was doing everything she was supposed to as a future business school graduate but she knew that the typical nine to five corporate job just wasn’t for her anymore. She was now facing the harsh reality of not knowing what she wanted for my future, which was normal for a future graduate. She began to look into different positions that would allow her to fulfill her need to travel and after weighing her options she decided she wanted to go ahead and pursue the most adventurous career a young person could choose and that is being a flight attendant for the best company in aviation!

Experiences Traveling All Over The Country

She has had to learn invaluable lessons with this job. But to get through her days when things just seem to not be going well, she always remember that everyone has a story. Although their flight might be the third one of her day and she is just so tired and ready to get to her hotel, she may be the only kind face they see all day. They could be traveling for a funeral or this might be the trip they’ve saved all year for.

It’s easy to take for granted the fact that I can be in NYC one day, enjoying Time Square, then in Cabo a few days later because I decided I wanted to get away and for it all to cost me nothing but my free time.
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That's the most important thing she has learned. It makes her feel good knowing she could be the difference from what could be a very stressful day for someone. Melissa loves seeing how the world has no boundaries; anything she wants to do is at her fingertips. It's so inspiring being around people from all sorts of backgrounds. She has been more inspired than ever since she began my career.

Balance: Personal and Social Life On The Go

Graduating and moving on to the next chapter of life is a challenge for anyone. Melissa has witnessed peers try to milk the college life forever and she knows that’s just not for her. So although there are growing pains with this, She has embraced the change and has made amazing new friendships along the way. Traveling all over has allowed her to make friends in different places which give her new places to visit. 

To keep a good balance, the most important thing is to communicate and always show my appreciation for my loved ones. I’ve always been a quality over quantity person so I apply that to my personal life as well. I have the most amazing support system from family to friends that are practically family, so there hasn’t been any stress on those relationships. Everyone in my inner circle has been so excited and supportive. They understand me being away and are always excited if I get to come home and spend time with them, even if it’s just for a few days.

What's in store for Melissa Drue

It’s funny you asked me this because I was just talking to my dad about how much pressure I feel to do more and keep going, even though I’ve accomplished so much in my 22 years already. But because I am surrounded by peers doing the same thing, those accomplishments seem mediocre. So I’ve moved forward with my next endeavors.

Melissa is a firm believer in happiness, just pure simple happiness in anything she does. The things she chooses to pursue for herself are never fueled by anything except that. She is blessed to work for a great company that encourages growth for their employees so she plans on taking full advantage of that and getting into mentoring, training and development. That’s always been a passion of hers, it makes her come alive. Through this, she hopes to put my degree in HR to use. She is sure all of her old professors would be happy to see that. Away from work, she is working on my real estate license to get into investing. Becoming a flight attendant opened her eyes to an entirely different market of demand  

Wishing Melissa good luck in her future endeavors! If you want to follow her journey check her out on Instagram @xoxomeld.